How to make speed a core part of your traffic and conversion strategy

Speed can make more of a difference to the success of your online business than anything else, yet very few people talk about it.
If you can increase the speed of your site, traffic can increase and conversion can double.
Here I won’t just be talking about your website speed, but the overall “speed experience” of your online business.
A 2015 Microsoft study that surveyed 2,000 people and monitored brain activity of 112 additional people with EEGs, revealed that the average human attention span has reduced to eight seconds, from 12 seconds in the year 2000.
Interestingly, declining attention spans is affecting online transactions as well. Here are some interesting statistics on what happens when you delay people’s access to your website:

A one second delay in page load time will result in a 7% loss in conversion.
40% of people will abandon your website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.
A study that monitored real time data from 33 major retailers found that improving a site’s load time from eight seconds to two seconds boosted conversion rates by 74%.
Slow loading sites cost the U.S. economy