How Viber Stays Competitive in the Massive Messaging App Space

Messaging apps have exponentially grown in popularity the past couple years leading to over 1.4 Billion global users worldwide as of 2015. Think of that number for a second, literally 1/5th of the entire planet is a potential customer when you’re talking messaging apps. So it’s easy to see how Viber’s success as being the third most used messaging app in the world prompted us to ask some questions.
Join me as I interview Scott Nelson, the North American head of Viber, a five-year-old messaging app with over 750 million users worldwide.  As you will soon see, Scott learned a lot from his recent campaign that included a unique blend of traditional media, digital ads, content, and influencer marketing and he was kind enough to share it to good effect with our community.

Drew: I read that Viber launched a marketing campaign in late 2015. Can you tell me what prompted this effort?
Scott: Up until probably a few years ago we had no marketing department. As we grew our base very quickly and learned more about our users, we realized that there was a very emotional connection with our