Igp Idris And Sahara Reporters’ Tale By Moonlight


The recent article on the online news medium Sahara Reporters (SR), in which yet another attempt at denigrating the person of the acting Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris should not have come as a surprise to observers of recent developments in the security agency. Laughable, puerile and an outright imagination of its architects, to those who understand the intrigues and machinations of the authors they would easily understand why they churned out all the lies contained in  the said article.

For one, they are driven by envy and hate because the new IGP was the least expected in their own calculation to emerge as successor to Mr. Solomon Arase. Not only was he not known to be one of those top ranking officers that had engaged in all forms of lobbying, many of who had played up ethnic and religious cards, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris was also relatively junior in the hierarchy of the top ranks of the police force seen as a likely choice.

Very pertinently, the elements that want to bring down the IGP are those that have been rattled and scared of his direction since he assumed office. No for them, an IGP that has shown commitment to refocusing and rejuvenating the police force such that the rot that have been impeding efficient performance are totally removed or significantly reduced; they are not comfortable with an IGP that has come with an Agenda that places premium on due process, probity, accountability and discipline; the enemies will be those that are averse to a change from the age-long decadent culture of impunity. Particularly, alarming to them, the public will recall, was IGP Idris’ publicly announcing 14 missing police vehicles that were hitherto attached to the office of the former IGP. That, to these retrogressive elements, was an unmistakable signal that the tide of change will spare no one, recognize no sacred cow and that a Daniel had inded come to judgment.


Beside that alarm, IGP Idris has also been carrying out certain salient reforms that cannot go down well with those that were reaping and living by the old order.It is perhaps beneficial to buttress the above observation by looking at the points raised on the obviously sponsored article published by the Sahara Reporters. One the authors allege that IGP Idris as police commissioner in Kano State command sold out 30 assorted vehicles to persons whose addresses or other forms of identification cannot be verified. For this reason, the peddlers of what is clearly an endeavour in mudslinging, believe that most, if not all of the said vehicles were bought by Idris himself.

However, they clearly did not tell us if the 30 vehicles, like the 14 vehicles that recently varnished into thin air at the Louis Edet House, officially belong to the police or, they were contrabands that were auctioned to the public based on laid down procedures. Relatedly, they also avoided the fact that a police commissioner does not wield the powers to unilaterally auction vehicles and other items in the custody of the Command under him. It will have helped the allegations if the story is that IGP Idris bullied every officer and personnel in charge of the vehicles to abdicate their official duties because of his alleged pecuniary interest. In which case, there should be people that can confirm that indeed, that’s what happened.

The article by Sahara Reporters also went to the very ridiculous and infantile level of saying that Idris “lacks the courage of an officer to head the police force “. According to the authors, this is on account of an incident of Mr. Idris “locking himself up in the toilet for several hours when in January 2012 the Boko Haram insurgents invaded Kano”. On this point, we know beyond any iota of doubt that the authors are a treacherous bunch of liars, cheap and unintelligent fabricator of falsehood.

To those of us who were in Kano in January 2012 we can remember very vividly that Mr. Ibrahim Idris was posted to kano following  invasion of the city by Boko Haram and therefore the unfortunate incident took place before his advent as CP there. We can also vouch for the fact that it was under his command that Boko Haram elements were totally routed from Kano. Thereafter and throughout his tenure, the people of Kano never again had any incidence of Boko Haram terrorism just as, activities of other criminal elements were drastically curtailed.

Our amiable, beloved Emir, the  late Alhaji Ado Bayero was so pleased with Ibrahim Idris that he along with other elders and leaders of Kano lobbied the Police high command to post him back to Kano from Nassarawa State where he was posted at the end of his stint at the NIPSS Kuru, Jos in 2014. They cannot be talking about IGP Idris who spent the major part of his career in the rugged branch of the police force—the MOPOL; a man who for four years was the commandant of the MOPOL Training School Gwoza; a man who was decorated for bravery and diligence as a global police officer when he served in Liberia; and a quintessential policeman who in yet another international assignment as the head of the police force of the East Asian country of Timor Leste was garlanded with the nation’s highest honor for exceptional performance.

— Danamadu  lives in Kano