Inside the Newsapers: Buhari got Nigeria N2.2trillion debt in one year. In Delta, babies sell for as low as N3,000 – Police. Buhari to Nigerians in US – return to recession and develop your country. €1000 daily target for Nigerian prostitutes in Spain. ‘Bama Force’ – 5000 rally to secure Bama against BH. Movement to resurrect Biafra gaining momentum – DW. Joy as Mrs Dickson delivers multiples. Make music you won’t be ashamed of in future – KSA. Jibrin breached House Rules in over 100 newspaper reports.

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Buhari got Nigeria N2.2trillion debt in one year.
In Delta, babies sell for as low as N3,000 – Police.
Buhari to Nigerians in US – return to recession and develop your country.
€1000 daily target for Nigerian prostitutes in Spain.
‘Bama Force’ – 5000 rally to secure Bama against BH.
Movement to resurrect Biafra gaining momentum – DW.
Joy as Mrs Dickson delivers multiples.
Make music you won’t be ashamed of in future – KSA.
Jibrin breached House Rules in over 100 newspaper reports.






Corrupt politicians behind militants bombing oil facilities – Buhari

Buhari’s govt under attack over 2.2 trillion Naira debt in one year
Civil rights groups on Friday berated the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration for incurring a N2.2tn domestic debt in the last one year.

The groups, in separate interviews on Friday with Saturday PUNCH, said that there were no visible impacts of the borrowed money on the country in the period.

The PUNCH had exclusively reported on Wednesday that statistics obtained from the Debt Management Office showed that the Federal Government’s domestic debt stood at N10.6tn as of June this year, up from N8.4tn a year ago.

According to the report, the country’s total debt liability rose to N16.29tn in June 2016 from N12.12tn in June 2015.

FG borrowing to pay salaries —Social Action

Expressing concern about the sharp increase in the country’s debt profile, the Head of Abuja Social Action, Vivian Bellonwu-Okafor, said the only response of the administration to the economic recession was “to borrow more money.”

She said that the group was concerned about the circumvention of the laid down legal provisions for loan acquisitions.

Bellonwu-Okafor stated, “The Fiscal Responsibility Act, which outlines the democratic steps that should accompany any loan, is not being respected and so in this regard, loans are taken in a most shoddy and blanket manner without any clear purpose or project line tied to such acquisition(s) as well as cost-benefit analysis, as stipulated by the FRA.

“It is thus not surprising that government has not only taken but also advanced loans for recurrent items such as payment of salaries, sponsorship to foreign trips and conferences etc; this is in clear violation of the FRA which states that loans shall only be acquired for capital expenditure(s).”

She said that it appeared that the government was hiding under “a superfluous guide of so-called recession to embark on unrestrained and unmanageable borrowings.”

The head of Social Action stated that such an approach was “a false solution to the economic problems of Nigeria,” adding that the government was simply postponing the evil day.

Bellonwu-Okafor said, “Debt servicing will soon completely wipe out the country’s capital allocation. This free walk into another debt-trap should, with all experiences of hindsight, be avoided.

“The burden of debt falls on the shoulders of innocent citizens. Nigeria has the wherewithal both in human, natural as well as material and intellectual resources to have a thriving and flourishing economy without undue recourse to dependence-borrowing.”

No visible impact-CD

On his part, the President of Campaign for Democracy, Abdul Usman, said that the borrowing did not show desirable performances by the administration.

According to him, the President and his cabinet of ministers should be held accountable not only in matters that have to do with corruption, but also on debts.

He stated, “Nigerians have never had it this bad and are losing faith in the change promised by the administration. There is hunger almost everywhere in the land. Citizens will want to see published documents or Mr. President should address the nation as we have yet to see the positivity on the budgeted N500bn social welfare.”

‘Buhari’s govt not creative’

The Executive Secretary of the Anti-Corruption Network, Ebenezer Oyetakin, in an interview with Saturday PUNCH, said the craze for borrowing had shown that the administration was not creative.

He stated that it was unfortunate that the government, which based its campaign on “change” had reverted to the old practices, which Nigerians voted against.

Oyetakin stated, “The thrust of the change is expected to be largely in the way we handle the economy. The craze for borrowing simply shows how uncreative we are and the lack of innovative thinking economically.

“What would have happened if we were Republic of Cuba that was and is still under total economic, commercial and financial blockade by the USA and its allies for 55 Years? What will happen if the entire world refuses to lend us money? I am against our craze for borrowing as a nation.”

N2.2tn domestic borrowing used to fund budget —Minister

But the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, while responding to enquiries from one of our correspondents, justified the increase in the debts.

The minister was asked what the money was spent on. She simply said, “I guess it would have been used to fund the budget and whatever government is spending money on.”

She said the government would continue to scale up spending in the area of infrastructure such as road, power and railway among others.

Invest borrowed funds in productive ventures, NLC tells FG

The Nigeria Labour Congress urged the Federal Government to utilise the borrowed funds to revamp the economy.

The General Secretary of the NLC, Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson, in an interview with Saturday PUNCH, said that while it was not bad to borrow to stimulate the economy during a period of recession, it was important that the money was put to productive use.

He advised that such funds should be committed to the creation of employment opportunities.

Ozo-Eson stated, “Well, with the economy in recession, we have all agreed from the beginning, we need a stimulus to turn the economy around. This is why the 2016 budget is hugely a deficit budget. That implies that you need to borrow in order to create that stimulus. It is the use to which we put what is borrowed that is important.

“If we plough it heavily into infrastructure and in creating employment, in the long run and in the medium- term, it will help to revamp the economy and then restore balance to fiscal operations. So we do not think that borrowing is bad, particularly in the period in which we have to stimulate the economy.”

The Punch







President Muhammadu Buhari says corrupt politicians who looted Nigeria’s treasury are the ones sponsoring Niger Delta militants to bomb oil facilities.

He added that the development was unfortunate due to the fact that the price of crude oil had fallen drastically.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, in a statement, quoted Buhari as saying this while speaking with Nigerian professionals in the United States.

Buhari said, “Those who stole Nigeria dry are not happy. They recruited the militants against us in the Niger Delta, and began to sabotage oil infrastructure.

“We lose millions of barrels per day, at a time when every dollar we can earn, counts. It is a disgrace that a minimum of 27 states, out of 36 that we have in Nigeria, can’t pay salaries.”

The President said barely a year after taking office; he was able to decimate Boko Haram despite the fact that he inherited a demoralised military.

He said the terrorist organisation could not lay claim to a single local government again in the country.

Buhari added, “Talking of our military, they earned respect serving in places like Burma, Zaire, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and then, suddenly, that same military could no longer secure 14 out of 774 local governments in the country. Insurgents had seized them, calling them some sort of caliphate, and planting their flags there; till we came, and scattered them.

“We raised the morale of our military, changed the leadership, re-equipped and retrained them; the United States of America, Britain, and some other countries helped us, and today, the pride of our military is restored.”

The President said the 16-year rule of the Peoples Democratic Party was characterised by looting and unfinished projects.

He, however, said he would not complain about the state of affairs as the recession had provided the country with an opportunity to be great again, urging Nigerians in the US to return home and develop the country.

Reacting to Buhari’s attribution of the militancy in the Niger Delta region to corrupt politicians, the President of the youth arm of the Urhobo Progressive Union, Mr. Ovie Igho, said such statement was not good for national security.

He added that it was not fair for Buhari to have made the statement.

He said, “For the President to have made such a statement during this period is ridiculous. Statements like this are dangerous to national security. And it is unfair.

“If he wants to be fair, he should also attribute the Boko Haram crisis that plagued the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan to corrupt politicians. That’s when we will know he’s sincere.

“If President Buhari knows that the militants are sponsored by some politicians, why is he telling us? It means he has the facts. He should go ahead and arrest them.”

Also, the spokesperson for the Ijaw Youth Congress, Mr. Eric Omare, said the statement showed that the President was not being sincere with dialogue with the militants.

He said, “For the President to make such a statement is disappointing. It is a weighty allegation. But if he has the facts, he should go ahead with arresting the politicians rather than resorting to tribal prejudice.

“We feel this statement shows that Buhari is not sincere with dialoguing with the militants. The other day, he said he was in talks with the militants, even though we know nothing is happening.

“The ceasefire we are enjoying right now is due to several efforts by some elders here. The utterance of a statement like that is disturbing and it’s very important for the President to weigh his statements carefully.”

The Punch







RCCG tasks youths on national development

The National Youth Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Belemina Obunge, on Friday urged Nigerian youths to strive and contribute their quota toward nation building.

Obunge made the plea while addressing newsmen on the upcoming National Youth Convention.

He urged the youths to look inwards and use their various skills to move the nation out of its current challenges.

The cleric said that in spite of the current economic challenges confronting the country, youths could still make positive impact that would reflect on the country’s fortunes.

According to him, youths are called to live a life of impact and without them there would not be a future for the country.

“Nigerian youths should search within and see what they can do in a time like this; they should ask themselves what gift they have that they can make manifest.

“Nigerian youths should manifest the skills they have, start small and be the solution in their little corner,’’ he said.

He said that every youth has good potentials and what it takes to make the country better.

“They should not compare themselves with others but look inwards and manifest the gift in them.

“They should look for mentors that will encourage them to be better,’’ Obunge said.

Obunge said the convention was important and significant to the nation and the church, adding that the church was committed to youths making exploits and breaking barriers.

“ The church has deemed it necessary to provide platforms like the Redeemed Initiative for Skills & Empowerment (RISE) and Nigeria Shift for the youth.

“The platform was created for youths who are the future leaders to showcase the gifts God had endowed them with,’’ he said.

The convention with the theme, “Vessels Unto Honour, ” would hold between Oct. 3 and Oct. 7 at the RCCG Redemption Camp on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.
From the Vanguard





Spanish police break up major prostitution ring in Spain
he Spanish National Police force confirmed on Friday they had made 24 arrests and broken up a Nigerian-run prostitution ring, freeing 21 of their victims, one of whom was just 16 years old.

The arrests were carried out in nine provinces of Spain. According to police, the 21 women were thought to have been forced to work in Madrid and Castellon during the winter and then transported to Ibiza where they were made to work in one of the most exclusive parts of the island.

The police explained the women were ordered to work for over 14 hours a day and unless they returned with at least 1,000 euros (around 1,100 U.S. dollars) they had to kneel for hours and were beaten with sticks. The victims lived in a space of 30 square meters and shared beds just 90cm wide.

The majority of these women came from poor areas of Nigeria and were tricked into coming to Spain on the false promise of job offers, but on arrival in Spain, following a journey which took them through Libya or Morocco and through refugee camps in Italy, they were forced to work as prostitutes. The majority of the money earned was then shipped to Nigeria.

The organization which exploited them was led by women.

As well as the arrests, one of which was made in Munich, police searched seven residences in Spain and Germany and blocked 20 bank accounts belonging to members of the organization.

From Xinhua





Police Arrest 32 Child Traffickers, Uncover 6 Baby Factories
Delta State Police Commissioner, Mr Zanna Ibrahim yesterday said thirty-two child traffickers were arrested in the last two months, adding that six baby factories were uncovered in Asaba and its environs.

Emphasizing his determination to synergize with the State Ministry of Women Affairs to fight against crime and other social vices in the state, the police boss said: “We have reduced drastically child trafficking in the state, and baby factories uncovered by men and officers of the police force, we will ensure efforts are put together to bring to book those in their hideouts”, pointing out that the suspects arrested currently being detained would be charged to court on completion of investigation.

Mr Zanna Ibrahim who spoke to journalists on efforts made so far since he assumed office in Asaba, said he was ready to collaborate and co-operative with Women Affairs department in the state, especially when the crime involves children and women who are target of traffickers.

According to him, “The issue of crime can erupt anytime and the level of child stealing, child trafficking and baby factory seem to be on the increase as children are sold for a paltry sum of N3,000 and Delta is ranked second to Imo in high rate of child sale, trafficking”.

On cult related issue, the police commissioner blamed parents on

improper ways of monitoring their children, saying that since they failed in the responsibility what is expected of their children is to way ward and the only option is to be cultist.

His words: “We are not taking it kindly, we have arrested many

suspected cultists across the state and many of them have been charged to court”, adding aspect of child adoption, drugs and lunatics on every nooks and cranny in the state, the police will ensure evil perpetrators are brought to book”
From The Leadership Newspaper









5,000 Bama indigenes to secure town against insurgents

Around five thousand men from Bama in Borno State will secure the town against attacks by Boko Haram insurgents, Saturday PUNCH has learnt.

The people said that they had also contributed money to support the state government’s effort in reconstructing the town.

Bama, the second largest town in Borno, was the worst hit by the Boko Haram insurgency at the height of the terrorist group’s attack in the country as majority of the structures in the town were destroyed.

Addressing newsmen in the community, the indigenes under the auspices of the Bama Elders Forum led by Mr. Al-Amin Kamsalem, said they (the indigenes) were in support of the ongoing reconstruction plan of the area by the state government and were willing to do everything to ensure they got their town back.
Kamsalem, a former commissioner in the state and erstwhile chairman of Bama Local Government Area, said, “All the indigenes of Bama and professionals from the town, especially in the building and construction industry, are going to render free services towards the rebuilding of Bama.

“We are going to contribute financially, morally and spiritually towards the reconstruction of Bama and the continued peace of the town. We are completely behind the governor.

“Bama elders have equally mobilised our people to secure the town. We have 5,000 men standing by to guard against any form of aggression on Bama. These are local hunters and Civilian JTF.”

He expressed the willingness of the people of the town to go back to their homes once the ongoing reconstruction exercise was completed.
From The Punch







Couple bathed with acid while making love in Kano

Lovemaking turned sorrow for a Kano couple after an unidentified person poured acid on them during sexual intercourse. According to sources, the incident occurred penultimate week at the couple’s house in the Gyadi Gyadi / Karkasara area of Kano.

It was gathered that the unidentified perpetrator fled before neighbours responded to the couple’s distress call.

Although the husband has since been admitted in an undisclosed hospital, it was gathered that the wife, Amina Moses, was the worst hit. Amina, according to a source, was first admitted in Aminu Kano Specialist Hospital, where she spent some days and was treated.

One of the eyewitnesses who asked not be named said that the closeness of the couple’s bed to the window of their apartment made it easy for their assailant to carry out the dastardly act.

She said: “Amina and her husband called Moses were making love in the evening of the unfortunate day, when they suddenly raised the alarm that someone had poured a liquid substance on them through their window.

“We rushed into their room only to find them in pains. Amina was the one that was badly hit by the liquid substance suspected to be acid. She was treated at the Aminu Kano Specialist Hospital and their assailant has not been apprehended as we speak despite the fact that the matter was reported to the state police command.

“The closeness of their bed to the window made it easy for their attacker to successfully carry out his mission and escape without being apprehended.”

Our correspondent made fruitless efforts to reach the spokesman of Kano Police Command, Mr Ubayi Ringim Raubilu, as calls to his mobile phones did not go through, while he did not answer a text message sent to his phone line, at press time.

From The Nation Newspaper






Global protests move Biafra conflict back into spotlight

It’s been decades since the plight of the Igbo people of Biafra was highlighted during the Nigerian Civil War. The movement to resurrect the Republic of Biafra is gaining momentum. Sertan Sanderson reports for Deutsche Welle.

With a court decision due in the case of Pro-Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu in late September, many Igbo people living in exile took to simultaneous protests across Europe to draw attention to their cause. One of those protests was held in Bonn, Germany, where roughly 100 protesters gathered, chanting slogans and handing out glossy flyers.
“It’s not just here in Germany. If you go to Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Australia you will also see protests today. In Germany, we decided to come to Bonn because of the United Nations here. But what we want is peace. We don’t want war again,” one of the protestors, Solomon Uzochukwo, told DW.

Wanting peace, remembering war
The local police appeared to be impressed by the peaceful display, posing for pictures alongside the demonstrators. Uzochukwo, who lives in Frankfurt, embraced the police officers as if they were old friends.
“Ours is a message of peace,” he stressed.

Biafra protests outside UN campus in Bonn, Germany
The group gathering outside the UN facilities in Bonn stressed that they wanted a peaceful path to secession
Mike Okoro, who travelled from the western German city of Dortmund to join the demo, says he is hopeful for the future, but appears to remember the horrors of war more vividly.
“Joining Biafra with Nigeria gave way to many problems. We are Christians, and they don’t like that. They have been killing our people since the 1960s. They still kill our people. Like if you protest about the issue in Nigeria, they shoot you,” he told DW.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have both accused the Nigerian military of using excessive force and carrying out extra-judicial killings – not only of suspected Boko Haram insurgents, who get most of the news coverage, but also of pro-Biafra protestors.
The military has categorically denied the charges.

More than three million civilians died in Biafra during the Nigerian Civil War from 1967 to 1970 – the majority of whom, however, starved to death under the complete isolation the Nigerian military imposed on the breakaway nation. Biafra eventually surrendered and was reincorporated into Nigeria, but relations between the two have never improved.

Biafra protests outside UN campus in Bonn, Germany
Raising the Biafran flag in Nigeria could get you in prison, or worse, cost your life, according to some of the protesters
Many Igbo people opted to leave Africa and to look for a better future in exile. In many parts of the world, their plight and the ensuing UN humanitarian efforts seem to only be remembered as footnotes in history. But the outcome of Nnamdi Kanu’s court case may change that, as the movement to secede from Nigeria again grows stronger.
“Our leader will be brought to court again on Monday. We want an unconditional release for him, but the government refuses and continues to hold him even though they have granted bail. The court did not find him guilty. He was only fighting for his rights,” Solomon Uzochukwo says. Kanu had broadcast pro-Biafra messages on banned radio waves and was arrested by Nigeria’s State Security Service (SSS) after reportedly being abducted.
“We will be very happy if he is released, but there is still work ahead. Because we are not Nigerians; we are Biafrans. There are more than 40 million of us worldwide.”
Biafra Nigeria map
Buhari’s dirty war on dissidents
Mike Okoro seconds that view. “We need to separate from Nigeria. Nigeria is not working,” he says.
“The court have ordered (Kanu’s) release but Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said ‘no’ because he is a former military major general. And he is still ruling Nigeria in a military way. He tells the military to kill Biafran protestors. He does not want peace with anyone.”
With Boko Haram still wreaking havoc in the northeast of Nigeria, and many rural areas on the brink of starvation once more, Buhari has tightened his grip on the nation, singling out dissident and subversive elements with what some call an iron fist.
Solomon Uzochukwo explains, however, that in his view, his homeland is being destroyed under continued clashes:
“We want to go back home. It is time. Today, our children don’t know their fatherland anymore. We want to bring a stop to this distance before it is too late.”

Compose music you won’t be ashamed of in next 20 years – Sunny Ade

The gracefully ageing Juju music legend and maestro, Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye a k a King Sunny Ade (KSA) has encouraged musicians in the country to forecast whenever they are planning to compose songs and put into consideration how relevant such music will be in the next 20 years.

KSA, while speaking with Showtime said, “I want the young artistes to know that they are very lucky. In those days, no family wanted or allowed their children to have connection with music, but today, family members introduce their children to big artistes to put them through.”

Speaking further, he said, “Nowadays, we see more of vulgar lyrics. It happened in those days, but it has been corrected , all what the artistes need to do is what the ears will hear and eyes will see that in 20 years, they will not be ashamed or regret anything. Moreover, we don’t have many schools of music in Nigeria, yet we are still progressing. What I want them to do is to give a sense of belonging to Nigerians, Africans and sense of belonging to music of black people where they have their roots.

Very soon, I’m going to be laying the foundation of King Sunny Ade Musical School to compliment the Music and Culture radio station recently launched in Ondo State.”

Sharing the secret of his energy on stage at 70, KSA said that the question has been thrown to him on several occasions and “when I am alone with God, I ask God too. I am just fortunate to have that. I love music. Moreover, dancing on stage is an exercise on its own. I also engage in different types of sports and eat healthy foods.”

From The Vanguard




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  • Group Decries Effect of Tobacco on Children, Adolescents

  • The Recurring Plot Within NCAT, Zaria

  • Police Arrest 32 Child Traffickers, Uncover 6 Baby Factories

  • Bundle Of Bliss For Governor Dickson As Wife Is Delivered Of 4 Babies

  • Sale Of National Assets Tears Nigerians Apart

  • Patience’s $20m Credit and Buhari’s £50,000 Bill

  • Lawal Rabana: Omokore has Never Met Abba Kyari, Never Bribed Any Judge

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  • Ladies, a sound and strong spirituality ensures a good marriage, not sexy looks

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  • ‘Yahoo boy’ steals US soldier’s identity, dupes American lover

  • Strike looms over FG, Governors’ plan to sell national assets

  • 5,000 Bama indigenes to secure town against insurgents

  • Spanish police break up major prostitution ring in Spain

  • RCCG tasks youths on national development

  • Amaechi: Bringing Nigerian Railway to Life

  • Mercedes-Benz Leads in First Half of the Year

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  • End of the road fairy tale: How Angelina hired investigators to spy on Brad

  • How Chioma Okoye’s movie wrecked a marriage

  • Would you marry someone who once had a blood covenant with an ex?

  • Compose music you won’t be ashamed of in next 20 years – Sunny Ade

  • COSCHARIS, Enthusiasts Celebrate Centenary of BMW at Eko Atlantic City

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  • Supporters of national assets sale are economic predators – Sani

  • Lautech Doctors Protest Over Salary Crisis

  • Over two million captives rescued from Boko Haram – Buratai

  • Terrorists threaten to bomb UI before October 1

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  • Recession: Governors lavish billions of naira on bulletproof cars for selves

  • Oshiomhole accuses Igbinedion, Ize-Iyamu of diverting N4bn

  • Edo blames PDP for state debt profile

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  • Corrupt politicians behind militants bombing oil facilities – Buhari

  • Prison official fingered in Delta kidnap cases

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  • Lagos kidnapped victims released, recount their experiences

  • Dickson’s wife delivers quadruple

  • Reps committee begins probe of budget padding allegations

  • Psn President Urges Nigerians To Patronise Pharmacists

  • Buhari’s govt under attack over N2.2tn debt in one year

  • Budget padding: Jibrin risks six months in jail/suspension

  • Edo Poll: Dmo Report Has Vindicated Us – PDP

  • EFCC official arrested for ‘accepting N15m bribe’ from lawmaker

  • Niger-Delta youths warn EFCC over Patience Jonathan

  • Looters behind Niger Delta militants – Buhari

  • Sit-at-home order: Onitsha, Nnewi shut down

  • It’s successful, IPOB, MASSOB insist

  • N5bn found in Army General’s daughter’s account

  • Ondo APC crisis deepens as Oke, Abraham, Boroffice pass vote of no confidence on Oyegun

  • Obama rejects bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi

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  • Ministry’s N19.5bn abandoned projects in Cross River evoke anger

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  • You can choose your baby boy or girl before birth

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  • EFCC operative nabbed for N15m bribe alleged fraud

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  • How gunmen sacked Akume’s kinsmen in early morning raid

  • Fire razes house as victims tackle fire service

  • IPOB sit-at-home order records partial compliance

  • Body found in aircraft’s rear-wheel storage area

  • Bayelsa First Lady gives birth to four children in US

  • ‘Abductors collected N16m to free kidnapped Lagos, Ogun landlords’

  • Buhari’s only agenda is to make life better for Nigerians – Lai Mohammed

  • Niger Delta bombings: Looters recruited militants against us — Buhari

  • Budget padding scandal: Reps panel slams four-count charge on Jibrin

  • Alleged slush funds accounts belong to my late mum, says Patience Jonathan

  • STRANGE ‘GUEST’: Our battle with 18-ft-long python that attacked our home – Lagos family

  • Ondo APC crisis: Abraham, Oke, Boroffice insist on fresh primary election

  • Keystone Bank’s ex-MD must face trial, says Appeal Court

  • PDP crisis: Sheriff, Makarfi to nominate reconciliation committee members Monday

  • Group solicits support for govt on economy

  • Cardiologists raise alarm on high rate of heart-related diseases

  • Couple bathed with acid while making love in Kano

  • NSCDC uncovers illegal bunkering site in Lagos

  • EFCC operative arrested for collecting N15m bribe from lawmaker

  • Agbakoba proposes new laws to tackle recession

  • Labour minister idetitfies poverty, trade imbalance as bane of AGOA

  • Senator Tinubu empowers 650 widows with N16m

  • Ondo 2016: Why we rejected Committee Report on Cancellation of Primaries – APC

  • Recession: Ekweremadu seeks Chinese cooperation on way out

  • Obiano’s stimulus package has nothing to do with his 2017 re-election – Nnachetta

  • Fruitful Engagement of Youths Solution to Recession – Saraki

  • Boko Haram: Come to Northeast aid-Buhari pleads with world powers

  • Residents in fear over harassment by thugs

  • Rights group asks Buhari to free IPOB leader, Kanu

  • Thank God my kids did not witness the robbery – Basketmouth

  • Nigeria keen on cooperation with Chinese investors

  • IYC faults Buhari’s call on UN to negotiate Chibok girls freedom with Boko Haram

  • Ijaw youths protest against Patience Jonathan’s probe by EFCC

  • Bayelsa First Lady, Rachael Dickson delivers quadruplets in US

  • EFCC arrests staff who collected 15 million Naira bribe from lawmaker

  • Troops kill 2 cattle rustlers, recover 7 cows, 1 car

  • Clark, Ijaw leaders oppose Osinbajo’s Niger Delta Stakeholders’ Summit

  • Omoni Oboli’s ‘Okafor’s Law’ sold out three halls at TIFF

  • Economic Recession: Show more kindness to people, Lynxx pleads

  • Nigeria crude production to rise over Forcados oil export in October

  • NPC posts N24b deficit in one month

  • EFCC detains Nigerian fashion designer, fake US soldier over love scam

  • Nigeria administers polio vaccines at military checkpoints

  • FCT Police Command Warns Shiites against Abuja Protest

  • Expanding the frontiers in Africa’s growing smart phone adoption

  • EFCC is a Law Abiding Agency, Zonal Head Tells Protesters

  • Nigeria: Government Cracking Down on Corporate Tax Evasion

  • Troops Of 1 Division Nigerian Army Raids Livestock Rustlers And Armed Bandits Camps

  • Those Who Looted Nigeria Dry are Behind Niger Delta Militancy

  • U.S. invites young Nigerians for 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship

  • Death toll in Egypt’s migrant boat tragedy climbs to 148

  • Civil Liberties Organization Disowns Pro-Patience Jonathan Protesters

  • Budget padding scandal: Falana writes Dogara, warns against probing Jibrin

  • Global protests move Biafra conflict back into spotlight

  • Nigeria’s Buhari appeals to world for aid

  • Oil Prices Rise Ahead Of Opec Meeting

  • 23-year-old Remanded In Prison For Raping 5-year-old Girl

  • Ondo Governorship Election: All Progressives Congress National Exco Reaffirms Legitimacy Of Primaries

  • Militants threaten attacks in Nigeria’s Abuja

  • EFCC operative arrested for collecting N15 m bribe

  • Naira strengthens against dollar

  • Double Celebration As Bayelsa First Lady Delivered Of Quadruplets In US

  • United States Announces Additional Humanitarian Assistance for Lake Chad Basin Region

  • 269 Sacked Staff Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Accuse Vice Chancellor Of Injustice; Take Case To Education Minister

  • House of Reps set to probe claim of $17 billion worth of stolen crude

  • Kwara shuts 10 private schools built with wood

  • Don’t contest with criminals bearing guns – Warri AC, Mu’Azu cautions doctors

  • NNPC records operational loss of N24.18bn in July

  • EFCC Arrests Staff for N15m Bribe

  • Boko Haram violence leaves families ‘teetering on edge of famine’ – aid groups

  • Ekweremadu asks Nigerians to think positive

  • EFCC arrests own staff ‘bribed’ by lawmaker

  • Those Who Stole Nigeria Dry Recruited Niger Delta Militants To Destroy Our Economy – Buhari

  • Bayelsa Governor’s Wife Rachael Dickson Delivered of Quadruplets In USA

  • I was told billions of dollars generated from oil were used to buy food – Buhari

  • Buhari appeals for global intervention in North-East, Lake Chad

  • Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian Troops, MNJTF, Kill 2 Soldiers

  • Stakeholders want FG to declare state of emergency in aviation

  • Mtn Denies Paying Bribe For Ncc Fine Reduction

  • Those who stole from Nigeria recruited miltants to fight us – Buhari

  • Benin Disco set to tackle over-billing of it’s customers, others

  • Woman asks court to dissolve 9-year-old marriage over neglect, sexual starvation

  • Car dealer bags five years in prison over N9.5m theft

  • Mama Boko Haram: Nigerian Barrister Aisha Wakil to negotiate with terrorists over Chibok girls

  • Biafra: Ebonyi People are myopic, they don’t behave like Igbos – IPOB

  • FRSC confirms death of 4 persons on Auchi-Okene Highyway

  • Ondo APC crisis: Abraham, Oke, Boroffice insist on fresh primary election, blast Oyegun

  • Eko Disco warns it’s customers against illegal connections

  • Ondo 2016: Crisis brews in APC as candidates blast Oyegun, reject Akeredolu

  • Protests Rock Rivers State against Victimization of Patience Jonathan

  • Nigeria’s president asks UN to help in talks to swap kidnapped schoolgirls for Boko Haram

  • NERC warns power firms to comply with privatisation agreements

  • Ipob Sit-at-home Order Records Partial Compliance In Southeast

  • Qua Iboe, Forcados oil cargoes reflect Nigerian oil output return

  • Insurgency; As Shettima marks 3rd day, Bama elders donate 5,000 vigilantes

  • Police arrests 7 ‘yahoo-yahoo’ fraudsters in Lagos

  • APC accuses PDP of flooding Edo with fake Army, Police, NYSC uniforms

  • Buhari appeals for speedy global action in north-east, Lake Chad basin

  • At Least 148 African And Arab Migrants Die In Boat Accident Off Coast Of Egypt

  • Road construction: Ambode employed 89 indigenous contractors

  • How Nigeria Got Into Trouble ~ President Buhari

  • UK hails Nigerian military’s success against Boko Haram

  • EFCC arrests 2 for alleged internet fraud

  • Lagos kidnapped victims released,reunite with their families

  • Ogun doctors suspend three-month strike

  • Asaba Residents Shun IPOB Protest Amid Tight Security

  • Akwa Ibom at 29: Governor Emmanuel Advises Indigenes against Ethnicity, Disunity

  • Boko Haram Bomb Scare Rocks UI

  • Photos: Buhari Meets Nigerian Professionals In New York

  • Local Content: Judge’s Absence Stalls Judgement on ARCO, AGIP Case

  • Politician, 25, becomes Nigerian city’s first female leader

  • Nigeria looks for millions of tax scofflaws to make up for slumping oil revenue

  • Boko Haram war displaced 1 million children, destroyed 910 schools – UN

  • MTN says its did not bribe Nigerian officials

  • Sex-Starved Woman Seeks Dissolution Of 9-yr-old Marriage

  • MTN denies reports of bribing a top Nigerian govt official

  • Restructuring of government’s establishments will foster economic growth – Amaechi

  • Bayelsa State First lady gives Birth to Quadruplets after years of Childlessness

  • Groups protest against ‘victimization of Patience Jonathan’ in Port Harcourt

  • NAF commissions Air Force Girls Comprehensive School

  • PDP’s problem can only be resolved through dialogue – Sheriff

  • UK Extols Nigerian Armed Forces

  • Makarfi, Sheriff Committed to Peace in PDP, Says Ojougboh

  • Saudi Govt Investigates Death Of Suspected Stowaway On Pilgrims Plane

  • China’s lion dance entrances African students

  • CACOL says selling off national assets is irresponsible, unacceptable

  • Police Arrests 10 Students Prostituting in Gwagwalada

  • Six aged men docked for damaging fence in Ekiti

  • Minister Proffers Solution To Pipeline Vandalism

  • Bayelsa first lady gives birth to quadruplet

  • Nigeria to probe ‘$17bn oil theft’ claim

  • Spanish police break up major prostitution ring in Spain

  • Nigeria administers polio vaccines at military checkpoints

  • Global protests move Biafra conflict back into the spotlight

  • Ebonyi: Traders, not Biafra group, behind protests, say Police

  • Committee chairman says Jibrin breached House Rules in over 100 newspaper reports

  • No Ipob Protest In Abakaliki – Police

  • 2 soldiers, 15 militants killed in gunfight in Nigeria

  • Shock as young woman becomes Nigeria chief

  • Nigerian interbank rate eases as budget cash disbursed

  • Change Begins With President Buhari, His Cabinet and Me

  • Buhari approves 56th independence anniversary programme

  • Nigeria: Nanta Advocates Aviation Driven Tourism Industry

  • Pdp May Declare Dariye’s Seat Vacant

  • Why Nigeria got into trouble – Buhari

  • Why Nigerian economy is in trouble – Buhari

  • Police refute reasons for Army raid on Niger villages

  • Bayelsa: Governor Dickson’s wife delivers set of quadruplets

  • Igbos ignore IPOB’s sit-at-home order in Imo, partial compliance recorded in Enugu

  • Boko Haram evicted from Nigerian towns, but refugees reluctant to return

  • IPOB sit-at-home protest records total compliance in Onitsha, Nnewi

  • Reconsider sale of national assets, PDP chieftain advises Buhari

  • We did not bribe Nigerian officials, MTN says

  • Nigeria: NCAA Moves to Salvage Ailing Nigerian Airlines

  • Enugu Residents shun IPOB Sit-At-Order

  • Nigerian governor makes symbolic relocation to town once held by Boko Haram

  • Nigeria loses N800bn to auto policy – Jonathan Nicol

  • Ekiti House Passes N7.5b Supplementary Budget 2016 into Law

  • Protest: Police Heighten Security, Warn IPOB in Ebonyi

  • Boko Haram killed 611 teachers in six years – UN

  • Emir Sanusi, others express divergent views on CBN’s monetary policies

  • Why Niger LG Chairman threatened to stop salaries of staff

  • Boko Haram war displaces 1 million children, destroys 910 schools – UN

  • Egm Launches Naira Trading Platform For Global Markets

  • Recession: Buhari’s anti-corruption policy scaring investors – Bruce

  • Abdulmumin Jibrin absent as Ethics Committee commences budget padding hearing

  • Don’t marry due to pressure, know your partner well – Judge tells intending couples

  • Stop murmuring for Nigeria’ll rise again, Buhari’s aide

  • Proposed sales of national assets a glaring failure of Buhari’s government – PDP chieftain, Kabir Usman

  • Police arrest three suspected electricity cable thieves

  • Past Treasury Looters Sponsoring Niger Delta Militants – PMB

  • Pray, Don’t expect much from Buhari, APGA chieftain urges Nigerians

  • Hunger in northeast, 6 million may be affected

  • Nigeria Hunts Down 700,000 Firms in Tax Crackdown

  • Enugu: Partial Compliance Greets Ipob’s Sit-at-home Order

  • Amnesty report: Group wants introduction of CCTV in police interrogation rooms

  • Troops Kill 15 Insurgents In Abadam

  • UNICEF vows to end violence against children in Nigeria

  • Nigeria’s Currency Woes a Boon for Top Palm-Oil Producer

  • ABDUCTION OF LAGOS 4: Police to set up division, patrol area

  • Nigerian Airlines Have World’s Lowest Aircraft – Sanusi

  • Flood kills three in Kano

  • Nigerian president to address parliament on recession: speaker

  • Hunger stalks north-eastern Nigeria

  • Return to school helps former Boko Haram bride move on from militant husband

  • Nigeria attacking Shias under Saudi influence

  • Expert calls for national policy on usage, monitoring of resistance to antibiotics

  • IPOB, MASSOB sit-at-home order successful in Enugu

  • ‘In Nigeria, you can have a naira and a dream’

  • Nigeria calls 30 players for FIFA Under 20 women’s World Cup

  • Bama indigenes raise 5,000 men to secure town

  • Johnson-Sirleaf calls for speedy implementation of ECOWAS protocols

  • President Buhari approves sectoral coordination for Ministers

  • Over 5,000 IDPs in NE Nigeria return home

  • 60% Nigerian Children Suffer Sexual, Physical Violence – UNICEF

  • I’m not square peg in round hole – Budget Minister, Udoma tells critics

  • Dangote, Saraki, others demanding asset sale are “economic predators” – Shehu Sani

  • Nigeria: NCS Unaware of Proposed Plagiarism Detection Software

  • Dangote To Make A Bid To Buy Up Arsenal FC

  • Nigeria police attack Zakzaky supporters

  • EFCC Arrests Businessman For N12.1m Oil Fraud

  • Recession: FIRS captures over 700,000 fresh businesses to increase revenue

  • Stop expecting too much from Buhari, pray for him – APGA chieftain begs Nigerian












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