Lagos police eject hoodlums, illegal occupants from barracks

Lagos State police command have dislodged hoodlums and illegal occupants of police land at Elere Division, Ogba area of Lagos.

In a major clean up exercise of different parts of the division carried out by the operatives of the command over the weekend, illegal structures and shanties housing spare parts dealers, fruits sellers and goat sellers were pulled down.

According to a police source who proffers anonymity stated the illegal structures and shanties poses security threat to th division and personnel.

“Considering that the division is not fenced round and the open space at the back of the division attracts trespassers and

“It is hoped that effective occupation of the area be considered and we are trying to reach out to the high command to ensure it ss the lights of the day,” he added.

However distraught traders who were ejected pleaded with the division and the Lagos State government to consider them as they are only trying make ends meet, hence the reason they decided to make use of the place. Spokes person for the traders Mr. Saheed Ayinde said,
“We are pleading with the Police to allow us continue to use the place pending the time thy will make use of the land. There are boys who are working in the market, and this have turned there minds away from crime, but as they are idle now they might go into crime to make ends meet,” he stressed.