Life-changing Things To Do This September


Largely regarded as the first in the line of “ember” months, September ushers in the last quarter of the year.  Despite the heavy downpours and waterlogged thoroughfares, we at Jumia Travel are super excited to welcome the month as it not only heralds a chain of festivals, shows and celebrations as well as offer a prime opportunity to pack up and plan a getaway, but it is also the perfect time to opt for a life-changing experience.

There is way too much pressure in January to make resolutions and stick to them or engage in life-changing activities; so, why not try in September? Gird your loins, here are 5 life-changing things you should definitely try to do all through this September.



Laugh for five minutes every morning

This may seem utterly ridiculous scheduling time for laughter every morning for 30 days; however, it certainly yields a life changing experience. Not only do you stand to gain immense physiological and psychological benefits, researchers believe that laughter just might be the best medicine, helping you not only shed off depression but burn calories, too. Research shows that 10-15 minutes of laughter actually burns 50 calories. Basically, laughing for just a couple of minutes every day could be a serious game-changer for your everyday mood and total physique.

read-a-book-day-fun (1)

Read a book a week

Reading has a significant number of benefits. From mental stimulation to stress reduction, vocabulary expansion improved focus and concentration as well as analytical skills; reading regularly at least one book per week for the whole of September would certainly change your life. Rather than focus on tweets, Facebook updates, and Instagram, go to right now and order 4 books. A book can expedite a major change in how you work, live or love.


Write and keep a journal

A majority of people get put off by the idea of journaling, but in reality, it is one of the most effective ways to know yourself and fill your inner well with self-love and self-knowledge. Not only will journaling help you keep track of how you progress in within the month, it instills in you a level of positivity, which if you can adopt and maintain for the rest of your life, you can acquire true happiness.


Go to a new place every day

Ensuring you visit and explore a new place every day for the 30 days in September seems far-fetched and even daunting, but it can be achieved. You really do not have to go as far as another state, city or even just another street. You can go to places as simple and random as a toilet in a different department/floor. The entire experience transforms you, instilling confidence and rekindling your adventure spirit.

hands holding the sun at dawn

Explore Your Spirituality

No matter your age, sex or race, you are bound to have a level of interest in spirituality. Spirituality is not just a tool to help us rise above the common challenges of life. It is also a means to realize our potential as human beings. Spend the whole of September asking yourself tough questions and listening every day for the answers. The specific answers to the questions you find yourself asking are not important as the question. The question makes you think deeper and sees life differently.