Music is About Communicating to My Audience – Bammy

Adeyemi David

It’s getting increasingly hard to hit prominence and clinch the celebrity status as a fast rising artiste. Most of them are in the ‘trade’ for the wrong reasons with no real view as to why they are making music or what they hope to accomplish with music, and that is why we keep having quite a lot of bizarre ‘Publicity stunts’ all in the name to ‘Blow‘ (be famous).

Adewole Abiola, known by his stage name, Bammy, is a rising artiste who does music in its totality and wouldn’t mind doing music to his own detriment as far as it satisfies his audience, saying that “what I call music is when I’m able to communicate to my audience.” He is a soul R&B singer with rich lyrical content as he claims.

He said this much about himself: “Bammy is a boy that has commitment and is committed to everything he chose to do.” He also sees his commitment to everything he does as a way of God working in his life.

As every musician will say; music for them started when they were kids and at a tender age. Bammy is not left out in this as he confessed to the fact that he started doing music since he was a kid; a long time ago, but didn’t take it serious until eight years ago when he attended a music audition hosted by Stella Aboderin and Uncle Ben of Project Fame West Africa.


That was exactly where his career as a musician kicked off, and officially became an upcoming artiste. A graduate of Mass Communication of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) and Political Science at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Bammy is rest assured that with his skill as a Mass communication graduate, he will be able to communicate effectively to his audience without faltering.

With his four years spell in professional music, coupled with the commulative eight years, to him, is an Extended Play (EP) because he believes that as an upcoming artiste, releasing singles is the paramount thing, and so one should not completely focus on an album in the near future while still an upcoming musician.


In total, Bammy has eight tracks, three of which are singles, four are covers of internationally recognized songs and a yet to be released track. His cover of international songs include the famous All of me track by John Legend among others.


To Bammy, R&B doesn’t have to be love songs or slow songs: “R&B songs are not necessarily slow and about love, there are fast and jazz R&B songs.”


In any song or music work, the singer communicates with lyrics and not beat, so Bammy says he communicates through lyrics that could revolve around love, motivation and other aspects of life.