N/Delta militants: Group warns FG not to negotiate with fake reps

The Niger Delta Youth Vanguard for All Progressive Congress, APC has warned the Federal Government to be wary of using Niger Delta elders as intermediaries in brokering peace  with the militant group, the Avengers.

Speaking through its President, Comrade Fredrick Ujobolo, the group  warned the federal government to thread the path of caution in its bid to use the elders as intermediaries to broker peace with the militant group, the Avengers.

According to Ujobolo, the group can no longer afford to be silent, whilethe so called leaders that  were the arrow heads that oversee the squandering and outright looting of socio-economicresources meant for the  development of the Niger Delta are still parading themselves as representatives of the people in the ongoing talks with the Federal Government.

He said further that in the guise of traditional rulers and chiefs, institutions founded on truth and trust, they have endeared themselves to the current administration as representatives of theNiger Delta people when in truth they are only doing the bidding of a selected few.

“It is time the people of the Niger Delta look inward and begin to acknowledgethat the challenges  we face today is as a result of the inadequacies of these so called leaders.They have perpetually demonstratedtheir inability to properly  grasp the economic and social challenges of the people and proffer long term solutions.

“We, the Niger Delta Youth Vanguard have deemed it pertinent to call on the Federal Government to stop further  negotiations with these people given that they are directly responsible for the current state of the region.

“ It is even quite absurd to think that the Federal Government will be comfortable discussing a path to a more prosperous Niger Delta with the same people responsible for the current state of the region.

“We are convinced that the right path to take in achieving the desired objectives of the President Buhari – led administration is through direct negotiations between the federal government and the people, ably represented by individual community leaders.

“Furthermore, it is our belief that all development projects in the region should be handled and assiduously supervised by the Federal Government as this is the only way implementation will be completely assured.

The failure of previous administrations to separate politics from the development of the Niger Delta is the immediate cause of the current vandalisation of oil installations which is now not only affecting the Niger Delta but the economic security of the Nigerian people”, Ujobolo said.