Nigeria in this era.

When I took a break away from public space, I thought that upon return I’d meet Nigeria in good condition and have great things to write about.

BUT while listening to news a week ago, I heard that the Emir  of Kano and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi aka Muhammad Sanusi II, chided the president for trying to create billionaires who do nothing but sit at home and trade in FOREX.

The man was livid that while the Nigerian government keeps Naira strangulated using policies, there are silent billionaires being made every day. That’s one. Can we say that the president listened?

He did but his reaction was what shocked me. News went out flying that he had made up his mind to probe Sanusi. My question is, on what basis would Sanusi be probed? That he is an Emir or as an ex CBN governor?

It seems there is a probe scare with this government. We no longer have the ability to speak our minds without being probed.

Another ex CBN chief, Prof Soludo added his voice to the deteriorating economic situation, calling for APC’s road map to the taunted paradise in 2018.

Audu Ogbeh promised that food scarcity is going to be a thing of the past in 2018, this he said without presenting any road map or a plan.

Food security is very important. If a government cannot guarantee food security, then other things wouldn’t be noticed.

I am adding my voice as an aspiring professor of economics to the call for APC to show us a clear agenda towards achieving the mouthed Eldorado. At the risk of sounding like a government hater, I dare say we haven’t seen anything like an agenda in this APC government.

Economy is upside down. The APC government has supervised the sacking of 180,000 workers across the sectors. The Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige, aka Onwa told the banks to stop sacking people. The irony is that the government is the one creating the fertile grounds for the sacking and retrenchment.

How do you beat a child and at the same time stop the child from crying? Banks and other private concerns are not charity organizations. They make profit to pay workers and run other overheads.

Onwa should try to live up to his title as the moon. He is not too bright in this regard. He should rather advise the government to induce the economy and bring down prices of essential indices for production. If the economy is not stimulated, how can customers have purchasing power to patronize the products of the companies, and if the companies are not selling how can they make profit to keep their workers?

This is just a tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot of demoralizing things happening here. However, we need to encourage the government, not talk down on it. Yet the government need to encourage us to encourage them. Down the street government is losing support and loyalty. In one sentence…. There is hunger everywhere in the land.

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