Abuja stand still as #EndSARS protesters defy ban, block Airport Road

Abuja stand still as #EndSARS protesters defy ban, block Airport Road

The #EndSARS protesters on Friday ignored the directive of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mohammed Bell, banning protests in the nation’s capital as they shut down the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Road, Abuja, a major highway, and other connecting roads causing one of the worst gridlocks in the city.

The demonstrators, who gathered in their thousands have been protesting against the brutality of the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and for the fifth consecutive day besieged the city. On Friday they sang the national anthem as they marched on the road brandishing the Nigerian National flag.

The FCT Security Committee led by the Minister, Mohammed Bello, had banned street rallies which it said violated the COVID-19 protocols. The committee also directed the security agencies to enforce the directive on protests which it said was affecting commercial and economic activities in the nation’s capital.

However, moved on with their protests saying the directive, saying it has no constitutional power to halt the protests.

The protesters after some time moved from the city gate and thronged to the Central Business District where they continued with their rally crippling commercial activities in the city.

According to some of their inscriptions, the protesters are asking for far-reaching reforms in the governance system even some are reportedly demanding for constitutional reforms.

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