Kano mass wedding : Couples petition rights commission over stoppage

By Albert Akota

No fewer than one hundred couples who are beneficiaries of the mass wedding programme organized by Kwankwasiyya Development Foundation shuttered by the Kano state Police Commissioner, Mr. Rabi’u Yusuf has petitioned the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for violating their fundament human rights.
The head of the delegation to the NHRC, Miss Khadga Ibrahin who disclosed this yesterday in a protest letter, said that, the people of Kano state welcomed the introduction of mass wedding programme that was introduced by the immediate past administration.
She further added that marriages in Islam are indeed in most civilized societies to maintain the fabric of any society and the lack of it posed problem to the trend of rising drug abuse and unmarried among youths in the state as well as other social vices.
Ibrahin reiterated that considering the current economic downturn, families are finding it difficult to make ends but when the kind gesture of the was extended to Kwankwasiyya Development Foundation us after several plead to the Kano state government for the continuation of the mass wedding programme fell deaf ears.
According to her, the association felt elated and very fortunate for being selected out of thousands to be assisted by the Kwankwasiyya Development Foundation in the exercise of Islam and cultural rights.
Reacting to the Petition, the Executive Secretary of the NHRC Prof. Bem Angwe lauded the association for aware of their rights and choose to expressed their rights through the right channel.
He promised to investigate the allegations and assured them that if their complaints are confirmed, the commission will not hesitate to seek compensation for violating the beneficiaries of the mass wedding programme organized by Kwankwasiyya Development Foundation

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