Nigeria needs visionary leaders – cleric

Pastor Okey Nwagu, of Living World Ministries has said Nigeria needs good leadership and vision to drive the country out of the present economic challenges it currently faces.

He noted this at a briefing in Abuja ahead of the church’s three-day convention which will start on the 2nd- 4th of September with theme :”Dreams and Vision” .

He said: “Leadership is all about vision. There is a problem at hand and it will take a viable vision for Nigeria to come out of this mess. We focused on oil a long time ago. Everybody is talking about diversification now.

“It will take a vision for this leadership to diversify. We have other things not just oil. You can imagine china, just through pork they are making billions. Brazil, through sugar cane is making billion annually.

“We have sugar cane here, we have pork here. We have many things. We are over 200 million in this country. Out greatest asset is people and these people they have brain. They can pick out something.

“Don’t depend on oil. Oil has killed us. Let us think out of this oil thing and look for something else to do as a nation.

Nwagu said President of the church, Bro. Emma Okorie, his wife, Sis Chi Emma Okorie, Vice President, Dr. Jude Ehiemere, and other leading men of God are expected to minister at the convention.

“We want to see harvest of souls here. We want to see people coming into the kingdom within these three days,” he said.

“The convention is not just for pastors. It is for everybody. Even unbelievers can come. I think our spiritual minds can be developed to be more useful to the society.

“This is another opportunity to really give people direction.

“We want to reach the professionals, businessmen, the youths, young people, the employed, and unemployed.

“This convention will help to really activate these visions and teach people on how you can achieve your vision with little or no money.

“Like our president will say, vision is a servant of faith. The moment there is faith in your heart, any vision can be achieved. That is exactly where we want to go that God can help us achieve any vision in our hearts and it very important that people have vision at this time,” he added.

Nwagu further explained that the vision of Living Word Ministries was born in 1983, the founded by Emmanuel Okorie.

He said Emmanuel Okorie strongly believes in the total freedom of mankind spiritually, materially and physically adding that this belief has become the driving principle of ministry, the Living Word Ministries.