Nigerian Youths Too Oppressed To Be Champions for Nigeria – Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin

President of the Women Arise for Change & the Guest Speaker, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin has suggested that Nigerian youths have been subjected to too much hardship to be strong for actualization.
Dr. Okei-Odumakin was addressing youths at the University College of Technology in Lagos on Saturday, on the topic; “It Is Our Duty to Keep Legacies of Nigeria”. In her speech, she appraised Nigeria’s past hero’s whose legacies recorded by history are still basis for which most other countries of the world respect Nigeria.
She however identified that the legacies are declining in the face of modern breakthroughs that other countries of the world are now recording, while keeping Nigeria behind. The prominent activist suggested that the Nigerian youths who are expected to keep the glory of Nigeria high with great records are too oppressed to realize their potentials.
Her touting address, which was dismayed in powerpoint presentation to the participants showcased several victims of incidences of rape, battery, assault, trafficking into slavery and prostitution as well as other forms of oppression. She said the Nigerian youths are rather victims than the victors they should be.
“This is perhaps part of why I became an activist”, she declared.
Dr. Okei-Odumakin recommended that Nigerian State and people must rise to rescue victims, restore hopes to them and give them opportunities and empowerment to enable them live to self-fulfilment. She added that Nigerian youths must look beyond their oppression and revive their hopes to becoming great in future.
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