Buhari reveals why Fulani herdsmen, farmers clash continuously in the country


President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed why Fulani herdsmen and farmers clash continuously in the country, saying that Nigeria’s growing population is a major cause of crisis.


In an email to Reuters, Buhari said that the limited availability of land prompted both parties to adopt all means to meet their need.


The newspaper quoted the presidency, “President Buhari holds the view, as do many experts, that these conflicts are more often than not, as a result of major demographic changes in Nigeria.


“Nigeria’s population was around 63 million when the West African country gained independence in 1960, compared with a population now ‘estimated at close to 200 million.


“While the land size has not changed and will not change, urban sprawl and development have simply reduced land area both for peasant farming and cattle grazing.”


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Author: Marylou