Calderon: Changing Ronaldo’s mind will be tough

The Portuguese superstar, fresh off another stellar season for the La Liga and Champions League winners, has reportedly made the decision to leave Madrid, following allegations of tax fraud and resultant feelings of being victimised due to his celebrity status.

While the controversial former Real Madrid president feels that convincing Ronaldo not to leave Madrid may be an impossible task, he also believes that it’s unlikely there is much truth to the speculation.

“Maybe he’s just upset,” Calderon told BBC Radio 5. “Maybe it is something he said in a moment when he’s really angry. We don’t know yet. He’s been happy here, he helped us to win three Champions Leagues over the past four years, so I hope he will stay.

“But, if he’s made his mind up, I don’t think it’s going to be easy to change. He’s very strong-minded and clear in what he wants. If he leaves I don’t see him in a place like China or the Middle East. He will be always playing for a big club and trying to get more titles and more personal awards.”

“He’s a fighter and he’s in good shape. He can play again for the best club and I think that club now is Real Madrid. I can’t tell you what he’s doing but I hope he will stay, I’m sure he’ll stay,” he added.

Calderon also commented on rumours that Ronaldo could reunite with former club Manchester United and discussed the potential difficulties his relationship with Jose Mourinho could have on such a move.

“The relationship [between Ronaldo and Mourinho] in Madrid wasn’t the best but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to go back to Manchester where he is very grateful of what happened,” he said.

“He delayed his move to Madrid for a year because Ferguson was like a father to him. He loved the club, the fans, the city and I don’t rule out a move back.

“I am sure he will stay in Europe. I don’t see him playing in China or the Middle East. He is not that type of player. He has three or four more years to be a top, top player and he would like to keep winning titles, anywhere he goes.”

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