Consultant Town Planners Demand Drainage Masterplan In Lagos

Miffed by the loss from last year rains, particularly on the Island, consultant town planners under the aegis of Association of Town Planning Consultants of Nigeria (ATOPCON), has urged the Lagos State to revisit the Drainage Masterplan it had some years ago.

They spoke last week in Lagos, during Lagos ATOPCON’s 2018 Annual General Meeting, which was spiced with a lecture on “Planning For Infrastructure in Lagos Mega City.”

This the leaders of the town planning profession said, while sending forth, Tpl Omotayo Awomosu, past chairman, and welcoming Tpl Sanni Kamil, current chairman of the association.

To serve with Kamil are Tpl (Dr.) Olayiwola Oladele, Vice Chairman; Tpl. Olawale Akinyemi, Secretary; Tpl Raphael Akinduyile, Assistant Secretary; and Tpl. Bello Akinwale, as Financial Secretary. 

Others are Olukemi Bolanle, Treasurer; Tpl Lawal Babatunde, Auditor; and Tpl (Mrs.) Adaobi Anyikwa, Public Relations Officer.  The Ex-Officio members are Tayo Awomosu and Tpl (Mrs.) Comfort Udoh.

In their contribution to the lecture delivered by Engr. Olajide Dosunmu, Dr. Ajayi Bunmi, former president, Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP), lamented the neglect of a drainage masterplan, commissioned under the military governor of Lagos, Brig. Gen. (rtd.) Mobolaji Johnson.

According to him, the state will do itself much good if it can revisit this document, review and same and implement.

Similarly, Tpl Francisco Abosede, former Commissioner, Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, raised the alarm over non-availability of a drainage master plan in the state, particularly along Lekki axis.

“I foresee a disaster along Lekki corridor because there is no visible drainage master plan.”

According to him, he urged the state government to urgently take on the old plan, review it before considering new plans for the developing settlements in the state.

Abosede also urged the state’s planning authority to always make adequate plan for waste water, lamenting that a scenario where there is no waste water plan in the state was not good for a mega city like Lagos.

Tpl Idris Salako, president ATOPCON,  said that the consultant town planners voice was critical in advancing the goals of infrastructural development, the cornerstone of sustainable development.

“You could say that planning for infrastructure is the primary foundation in urban development, including communication, energy and transport”, adding that, any weakening voice in advancing the goals of infrastructural development could only be a weaking of sustainable urban development.

Earlier, in his addressing, Awomosu, the immediate past chairman of Lagos ATOPCON, who noted that town planning could not be divorced from its operating environment, called for enactment of a new planning regulations to fill the void created since 2010 when the state government repealed the previous planning regulations.

According to him, a more efficient planning permit system was needed in Lagos.  “This should be one that delivers development permits at the shortest possible time and lowest cost to applicants”, adding that, the current system does not guarantee this in spite of the ongoing ease of doing business campaign in the state.

He explained, “The proposed electronic planning permit system should cut through the existing bureaucracy and not just move the existing inefficient manual process into the digital space.

“In addition, all necessary resources needed to automate the planning permit system such as enterprise/web bases, GIS and adequate base maps must be provided to make the new platform workable and responsive to the needs of the users.”

According to Awomosu: “Lagos State deserves a more democratic planning system. The current system is top-down, and the various gaps in policy and practice promote discretionary practices and hence, arbitrariness,” he said.

He noted that the state government, having prepared plans for most of the districts under the Lagos Megacity Model Plans, should also prepare master plans for the entire city.

“It is also necessary to emphasise the preparation of local plans for the different communities and neighbourhoods across the state,” Awomosu added.

The Chief Executive Officer of an infrastructure development company, Noble Sovrano Limited, Mr. Olajide Dosunmu, who spoke on ‘Planning for infrastructure in Lagos megacity’, said the state government must realise that the status of a megacity required an all-inclusive growth.

“Municipal infrastructure such as holistic transportation plan, Information Technology and recreation are extremely necessary for an all-inclusive growth,” he stated.

According to Dosunmu, the state government must also develop wastewater treatment plants and ensure that they are efficiently utilised to achieve zero tolerance for environmental pollution from homes and industries.

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Author: Emmanuel Badejo