Exempt us from your ‘quite notice’ threat – Northern Youths told

A Federal Capital Territory Good Governance and Social Right Advocate and the Spokesperson of Coalition of FCT Indigenous Association Yusuf Ahmadu Yunusa has added his voice against the recent ‘quit notice’ threat given to Igbos residing in North, describing the threat as shallow and least expected from youths who should be strong force in promoting social cohesion, unity in diversity and cordial co-existence.

Yunusa described as deceptive activities of the so-called Northerners who have a way of making issues look as if it has the endorsement of Middle Beltans when in essence, the Middle Beltans are in the same position with some of the other regions that have been greatly marginalized.

“When they say Northerners, what do you think?  You’d think that that includes people from Middle Belt right?  It is not.  This people have a way of giving you fake sense of belonging when they need your supports and vote.  The moment they have what they want, they turn against you.  As indigenes of FCT, has anyone from here served as a Minister?  Who denied FCT mayoral status?  Is it not the same Northerners that call you brothers?  This is the deception and marginalization we have braced ourselves to correct.  We are never part of any arrangement or discussion that encourages anyone to quit the Igbos.  In fact, we share much in common with the Igbos”

“President Olusegun Obasanjo has consistently challenged the youths to offer something more useful to the nation beyond beating the drum of division and war.  He’s right.  The youths are not getting their acts right.  We should be seen doing what our fathers didn’t do.  We should be seen filling the gap they left uncovered.  We should build on what they achieved.  If they didn’t build a united Nigeria, it behooves on us the youths to built it.  If they built a dysfunctional and one-sided Nigeria, we should be seen to be building a more united Nigeria where our national consciousness should tower higher than our regional consciousness.  If Igbos have where it pains them, they have right to voice it out.  Agitation is allowed.  It is the duty of the government of the day to wade in to see if their claims and agitations have substance.  It is not about other youths, under any guise threatening a quit notice.  Igbos are Nigerians.  They have right to live anywhere in Nigeria without fear of intimidation.  These youths speaking in the name of Northern Youths are on their own.  They are simply Fulani Youths”.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja, Yunusa asserted:

“The so-called Northern Youths should have specifically stated that they were representing the Fulani block.  They should have simply said that they are representing Fulanis and not Northern Youths, otherwise who is a Northern Youth?”.  Yunusa asked.

“Do you expect a youth from the FCT, Nassarawa, Benue, Niger State, Kaduna or even Kogi to be part of this malady of threat and counter threat by some Fulani Elements who believe that Nigeria is anyone’s property?  As a matter of fact, we are on the same page with our Igbo brothers in demanding for equality and our rights from those who still, though mistakenly believe that Nigeria is their property.  We have suffered negligence even in our own land.  The Fulanis come here and do what they like with our lands and everything and still call us brothers and Northerners.  No, we are not part of any North that threatens Igbos with eviction in a country that they have staked so much in co-building”.

Yunusa who bared his mind on what he calls a calculated and steady attempt by the Fulani’s to use the Middle Beltans to achieve selfish political goals only to dump them when it comes to reaping the efforts of their labours.

“We may not have been born before the Nigeria-Biafra civil war.  We are however students of history.  We know the ideology of a typical Fulani man when power is involved.  They have this ideology that things must go their own way.  They show it in everything they do.  They believe no one else counts.  Nigeria belongs to everyone.  We are natives of Abuja, but Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, and even Fulanis are welcome here.  We do not segregate along ethnic lines.  We are one big family and no one has right to threaten anyone anywhere in Nigeria.  I challenge my Igbo brothers to stand firm and enjoy their labour without fear wherever they are.  Nigeria is no one person’s property”.

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