Impunity: Don’t Dump PDP, Makinde Begs Ladoja


Ibadan – Engr. Seyi Makinde, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Oyo State, has appealed to former Governor Rashidi Ladoja not to leave the PDP.

Ladoja had threatened to dump the PDP over alleged impunity by the national leadership of the political party in the harmonisation of the Oyo executive.

But in a statement issued by the Seyi Makinde Organisation and signed by Prince Dotun Oyelade, Makinde made a strong appeal to the former governor not to dump PDP.

The Oyo PDP governorship aspirant reminded Ladoja of his leadership role and the collective desire of Oyo State people for a change of baton in 2019.

Makinde said in the release, “I am privileged to be referred to as one of your political sons and which you yourself confirmed on a radio programme days ago.

“Therefore as a true son of a valiant father, I hereby humbly but strongly appeal to you not to contemplate leaving the house that we are jointly trying to roof, just before the raining season.”

Makinde said that such a decision, coming from a tested leader would leave the people confused as majority of party members and indeed the masses in Oyo State were already excited about the prospect of genuine regime change that would fulfill its electoral promises and respect I institutions and elders.

The statement said that the issue of harmonisation of party executives that was being blown out of proportion appeared to be the most realistic arrangement to actualise their objective because political expediency narratives are determined by circumstances on the ground.

“In our own party, the PDP at the national level learnt a bitter lesson from 2015 debacle where only one tendency was saddled with control of the party hence it became imperative for the National Working Committee to ensure an all- inclusive state executive was put in place to avoid going to war with a divided army. Like others who desire positive change via PDP under your leadership in state I strongly believe no single tendency can do it all alone.

Makinde asked, “What does it profit you Sir, to abandon your children and allow by default the perpetration of anti-youth employment policy as graphicised in the current 2018 budget to continue? God forbid. You and I will not allow it, and the millions of youths who are pining away in abject lack in spite of going to school and who were deceived to being foot soldiers in 2015 will obviously resist it legitimately. And this is why Sir, that the prospect of leaving the party is not an option.”

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Author: Gbenga Abegunrin