Nigeria: Security firm introduces bulletproof gate houses

Secure Cabin System Realtors Ltd., is a security industry player aiming to confront Nigeria’s security challenges in a variety of ways. The company deals in security knowledge and security products.

The risks posed by the Nigerian society to life and property is reflected in the high walls, steel gates, and electrified and barbed wire fence enhancements adorning homes across urban Nigeria.

Gatehouses and security complements the structural defense of the homeowner; guards are employed to man the property and they usually inhabit the gatehouses. However, most gatehouses are more aesthetically than functional additions for security.

SecureCabin observed gatehouses are often nothing more than a place to rest for security personnel. The gatehouse structures offer no protection for the security person manning the gates nor for the home owners. That observation led to the company pursuing and receiving approval to introduce pre-manufactured security sentry boxes to Nigeria.

These structures are complete structures provided with every necessary amenities for the job and comfort of the sentry or guard securing a property. The security units are bullet-proof and blast-proof too. The cabin’s bullet proof glass is tinted; when you are outside the unit, you can not tell whether someone is inside or not, meanwhile the cabin occupant sees you and all that is happening around both directly and with the use of mounted cameras.

With the Kibo Cabins, security odds are stacked in favor of Nigerian property owners as armed robbers, kidnappers, arsonists, or terrorists would meet stiff resistance in the impenetrable sentry houses and the occupants who are able to safely repel the firepower of the invaders.

Information obtained from specification documents for the product states tests on the product involving 120-rounds of live ammunition. More information can be found on the company website at