Ras Kimono Returns With PJAY Records

Ras Kimono, who has been on the quiet side of music for many years, is back.

The Rub-a-dub master was recently signed by a recording label, PJAY Records located in Lagos.

The new label owned by Joseph Ighodalo an old friend of Kimono has given the legendary artiste a new lease of life. Recall that Kimono recently released two singles namely ‘Senseless Killing’ and ‘Blessed Africa’. 

In a chat with Juke Box, PJAY Records boss, Ighodalo, explains why he signed Kimono as thus, “I have a lot of respect for his creative ability, knowledge for current affairs and feelings for the downtrodden in the societies. Kimono’s works are vantage collections in all ramifications; take a look at “Under Pressure” and you will understand what I am saying.”

Typical of a man who is aware of the place of good visuals in music marketing, Ighodalo promised good videos for ‘Senseless Killings’ and ‘Blessed Africa’.

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Author: lukmon akintola