Rivers: Don Cautions Against Consequences Of Black Soot

P/Harcourt – In view of the state-wide protest by the Civil Liberty Organization (CLO) last week against the Federal Government’s lackadaisical attitude towards the ravaging black soot in Rivers State, a don, Dr. Chime Onumbu, has urged the authorities to device a different method in the destruction of the equipment used in bunkering.

The Deputy Provost of the Rivers State College of School of Health Science and Technology, Onumbu, however, urged the Federal Government to adopt a different approach in the destruction of condescend used by illegal refineries in the production of petroleum products in the Niger Delta region

Onumbu, who is also a member of the Health and Safety Professional, Environmentalist Management Professional and a lecturer, commended the state government for its quick intervention in identifying the black soot early and urged the Federal Government to discontinue the destroying of the condescend products but rather encourage those engaging on the illegal refineries by building modular refineries.

The lecturer said that those engaging in illegal refineries are doing so because of the high rate of unemployment, “because they must device a means to survive” stressing that Federal Government should warn its agents against burning of the illegal refineries, which had been the major causes of the soot in the state.

According to him,’’ those living within Rivers State have a high risk of health challenges because of the pollution in the air and water.

‘’Those of us who decide to live in the state and Port Harcourt have decided to die prematurely. We should commend the Rivers State Government, which found out that we have such a dangerous hazardous compound in Rivers, especially in Port Harcourt area. If they have not found it early, who knows what would have happened to us inhabitants and dwellers,” he said.

He urged the state government to urgently take steps to protect the lives of those living in Port Harcourt, adding that nose mask and other protective gurads should be provided for the people, stating that every citizen have the right to life.

Onumbu also said that people leaving and coming into the state were also prune to poison through the water, “because most of our rivers and aquatic nature have been destroyed by the pollution that comes from the illegal refineries,” urging the Federal Government to immediately do the needful by stopping the soot.

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Author: Daniel Abia