Using Police Against Opponents Dangerous For Nigeria’s Democracy, Agoro Warns

Police, The National Chairman and Former Presidential Candidate of National Action Council (NAC), Dr. Olapade Agoro, has chastised the federal government on the manner and approach adopted in securing the release of the Dapchi school girls describing it as an arranged abduction and an arranged release, Buhari, Boko Haram, Agoro, olusegun obasanjo

Ibadan – Dr. Olapade Agoro, National Chairman of the National Action Council (NAC) on Thursday in Ibadan warned that the use of police against perceived political enemies might spell doom for Nigeria’s democracy.

Speaking with newsmen at his Apata, Ibadan residence, Thursday, the NAC’s National Chairman said President Muhammadu Buhari must be warned of the implications of using the Nigeria Police against perceived political opponents.

Agoro specifically maintained that the alarm raised by Bukola Saraki, the Senate President, that Ibrahim Idris, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), was plotting to implicate him in a murder case, should not be ignored by well-meaning Nigerians.

He said that what was happening in Nigeria was reminiscent of what happened between 1979 and 1983 when the then President Shehu Shagari led National Party of Nigeria (NPN) used the police against political enemies.

Agoro said, “It must be noted that the Nigeria Police Force is a federal institution empowered by the constitution primarily to ensure the security of every Nigerian. It will, therefore, be unlawful, illegal and unreasonable for the police to be used against perceived political enemies.

“With the way things are going on in the country now, with the Nigeria Police being used in chasing political opponents, and in particular, the Senate President, democracy in the country may soon be jeopardised.

“The situation is becoming worrisome. If President Buhari fails to check this ugly situation, the country may soon be thrown into unnecessary political crisis. Democracy in the country may soon be thrown away.

“If care is not taken and the situation gets out of hand, the country’s democracy may be endangered. Therefore, we should all come together to rescue our democracy,” he stated.

Agoro added, “If I become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by 2019, one of my cardinal policies will be to reduce the powers of the Nigeria Police by allowing for the establishment of state police in the spirit of true federalism.”

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Author: Gbenga Abegunrin