No To Fuel Price Hike


There are speculations that the federal government may be planning to increase the price of petrol. However, there have been denials from the federal government, but once a government denies an allegation, I start taking a serious look at the issue.

Even before the increase from N86 to N145, there were denials then, only for them to wake up one morning to discover that we could not sustain the then current price and they gave us reasons why they had to increase it to N145. The same scenario is being played out again. Sometimes I feel this government just wakes up and tell themselves, let us test this people and push them to the wall.

Recall that last week, after a meeting of the NNPC’s past and present GMDs, it stated that N145 per litre fuel price did not reflect the price determining components of the commodity and the fluctuations of the forex. Also, marketers have urged the government to remove the N145 fuel cap. The handwriting is clearly on the wall.


For the government to even contemplate that idea right now is wicked, insensitive and downright satanic. In a period when some parents have started developing high blood pressure because we are in the month of September, time for school fees as many parents cannot afford to pay school fees, landlords are increasing their rents, foodstuff in the market are on the increase, salaries have not been increased and in some cases, some workers have not even seen their salaries for months. I know Nigerians are resilient people but there is a limit to what one can take.

Sometimes I feel the trumpet has already sounded and we are already living in the tribulations period. In spite of all this hardship, the government is contemplating on imposing a nine percent tax on calls, data and sms and now this proposed fuel hike. How long will this government keep testing and pushing Nigerians to the wall? There is already anger in the land against the government and this administration is further alienating itself from the people with some of its policies. Maybe when they increase the fuel price to N200, we will have to revive camels and donkeys as a means of transportation. We know the multiplier effect of the increase of the price of fuel will definitely lead to increase in the prices of food, transportation and essential services. This will worsen an already bad situation.