Not wearing wedding rings is not disrespect to marriage – FCT residents

Wedding rings

Wedding rings

Some married men in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have said that not wearing wedding rings is not to disrespect the marriage bond.

The residents who spoke in Abuja on Monday, described wearing of marriage rings as a mere symbol.

Mr Ikenna Ibegbu, an Abuja-based businessman, said that he disliked the idea of wearing any kind of jewellery.

“Personally, I don’t appreciate the idea of wearing jewellery on my body because they make me uncomfortable.

“I prefer to leave my hands bare and that does not mean I don’t respect the sacredness of marriage.

“Women are the ones that are conscious of wearing jewellery and the ring is just a symbol,” he said.

According to him, wearing the marriage ring can be discomforting but some men do so to respect their spouse.

He said that respecting the concept of marriage fell more on the individual than a mere symbol.

Mr George Edem, a banker said that most men do not wear their marriage ring due to the nature of their jobs.

“There are men who will hardly wear their marriage rings because of the kind of jobs they do; it can be discomforting to them while working.

“You will hardly find a doctor that constantly wears his marriage ring because their job requires pulling it at intervals to wash hands and do other things.

“For that kind of person, he will rather keep the ring in a safe place than removing it at intervals which can make him lose it,” he said.

He also said there were some men who would prefer to use the ring as a pendant for a necklace than misplace it.

Edem said that jewellery were generally perceived to be a feminine thing.

He said that most men who rarely wore their marriage rings had gained weight over the years, hence the ring no longer fits.

Mr Henry Okpala, a Computer Engineer, said he oftentimes forget to put on his marriage ring.

“I don’t forget that I am married because I live with the consciousness always.

“So slipping a metal band on my left hand to signify the obvious is not a huge priority for me.

“If I am making my marriage a priority, the ring does not matter,’’ he said.

Mrs Evangeline Udoka, a fashion designer, said “80 per cent of men have put on weight after marriage, so the wedding ring no longer fit them.

“When they were single, they ate food occasionally and their fingers were slimmer compared to when they got married and eat regularly.

“The constant feeding contributed to their weight gain and their fingers outgrow the size of the ring.

“Besides, men always want to present themselves as single to cheat on their spouse while others don’t regard the ring as a show of marriage,” she said.

She said that women were keener in buying a new one to replace the old rings when their finger outgrows it.

She, however, said that there were honest men who do not cheat on their spouse, but view wearing of rings abnormal.