Nyako’s Social Media Zealots: Friends or Fiends?


Over the last couple of weeks, I realised that the political arena in my dear State, Adamawa has gotten surprisingly rough and things got interesting for some neutrals like me. I am not a supporter of any party or government. I just want what’s best for my state and my people. Simple.

The political heat up started with an outburst by Governor Bindow that if pushed to the wall he will probe the previous administrations, and then there was a damnning Facebook response by Nyako’s henchman, Bindow forwarded the Justice Bobboi report to the Justice Ministry for advice, followed by spate of responses from Nyako’s close political allies on social networks. The later is the main reason I am writing this piece.

These series of political events in Adamawa has left me breathless for a while, and when I woke up Saturday morning to another Facebook fake conspiracy theory on the Bindow/Nyako fiasco. I knew it was time to call spade a spade.


Over the weekend, I bumped into a piece on Facebook by a close propagandist of Nyako, the writer whined about a meeting by some top government officials mapping out ways of humiliating Nyako using the DSS and other official apparatus.

The propagandist further claimed that the plot was delivered by former State Assembly members and the plan was aided by some top political elites in the state such as Lamorde, Hassan Tukur and some traditional rulers.

He added that the set up is geared towards disconnecting Nyako from his ‘Super Team’, and they the ‘Super Team’ will not sit and watch this plan come to reality, issuing a warning and a response threat to the government and the so-called planners.

This is by far the funniest, most ridiculous and frivolous defence I have seen for any politician in contemporary democracy. If the writer simply needed money for the bad propaganda he is doing for Nyako, it will have been more dignifying to ask Baba Maimangwaro for a pay rise.

But his blend of making himself falsely important in Nyako’s political fight by calling his team a ‘Super Team’, calumny campaign against some of Adamawa’s most respectable politicians and sheer blackmail of the government only portrays him as the desperado that he is.

Even an eight-year-old indigene of Adamawa State will see through the emptiness and falsehood in his submission. On his reference about Bindow’s meeting with former lawmakers – no government will plan a political opponent’s fall in front of the media. The Nigerian media is too powerful to be coerced to that extent.

I am surpised to read that Nyako has a ‘Super Team’, because all I see in his defence on social networks are cooked up propagandas to make the man feel wanted in Adamawa State, when it’s apparent that his political time is up.

Hassan Tukur, Lamorde, traditional rulers and the government don’t need any meeting and plan if they want to fight Nyako – the man dug his political grave with the way he governed the state during his rule as governor. The Justice Bobboi report will justifiably attest to that very soon.

I don’t actually understand this Facebook and other social media fight by Nyako’s supporters. I will have thought this is the time to remind Adamawa people of the good work of Governor Nyako if at all there is any on the ground,  rather than the absurd and unwise posts and videos we see everyday.

It is a known fact that people who consume more social media news have a greater probability of being civically and politically engaged across a variety of political measures. In an era when the public’s time and attention is increasingly directed toward platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it is wise to evaluate the still-emerging relationship between social media use and public political engagement.

In other words, it is only wise to evaluate the political engagement of Nyako’s social media zealots and what they dish out to the public as a propaganda defence to Nyako. Are they really his friends or fiends?

It is only fair to say, these new media zealots have only done so much damage to the man’s political standing than good. With these kind of jokers in your team, no politician needs political enemies the untrue and unwarranted political fight these zealots make is enough to take any ‘Nyako’ down.

I think it’s high time Nyako drops this new media zealots from his camp to save up some measure of political respect and dignity. I am sure Baba Maimangwaro is smart enough to see through the dangers of having this ‘Super Team’.

As a government with some semblance of progress, unity and development, I choosed to follow the administration of Senator Umar Jibrilla Bindow with keen and analytical interest.

With all sense of modesty, I want to state that even a blind, deaf and dumb person will appreciate the fact that Governor Bindow has done so well for the state in a short period of time with very limited resources.

I don’t think any governor in Nigeria will beat him in infrastructural development. The man has completely turned the whole of Adamawa into a non-stop construction site. There seem to be one work or the other going on in the nooks and crannies of the state.

With these and more, like many others in Adamawa State, I have come to realised that Admiral Nyako is on his own in this political war because it’s a fight he cannot win. Why he started this battle baffles me no end, it’s apparently a lost course.

And Nyako is the only person who doesn’t see that because from what they write and say on social media,  I am sure his ‘Super Team’ knows that too. Nyako is truly on a lost course.

A word is enough for the wise

Buba wrote in from Yola and can be reached on[email protected]

By Sani Alheri Buba