One APC chieftain just branded Buhari “a total failure”

Hussaini Mairiga is a factional chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano state. When he addressed journalists on Monday, he minced very little words on what he thinks of the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

“From the look of things, President Buhari has betrayed the confidence of the Nigerian masses who voted for him massively into power,” Mairiga said, before tagging the president “a total failure”.

Well, hold on, he’s got his reasons.

Premium Times reports that the factional chairman said it was not an exaggeration that members of many families in the country go to bed without at least one square meal while others had fled their homes because they could no longer provide the basic needs of life for their loved ones.

Mr. Mairiga, who is known for his bluntness, expressed worry that after one year of the Buhari administration in power, there was nothing to show while poverty in the country had reached an unprecedented level.

He lamented that while a bag of rice now sold for N16, 000, prices of other essential commodities had tripled.

Mr. Mairiga noted with dismay that prices of goods were rising at a time the ordinary man did not have money to make a living.

Another disturbing scenario, according to the factional APC chairman, was that those around the president, including his ministers, had refused to tell him the truth based on the reality on ground.

Mairiga reminded Buhari of his campaign promises, stating that he did not like the way the masses were allowed to wallow in destitution and penury.

He said Nigerians were in the worst condition that needed urgent attention.

The APC Chairman advised the president to stop deceiving Nigerians that the nation had no money whereas on monthly basis, the federal and state governments continued to enjoy boost in their allocations.

Mr. Mairiga asked the federal government to urgently open all the closed borders with other countries to allow food into the country

He warned that if urgent steps were not taken to address the present situation in the country, Nigerians would soon begin to die of hunger on the streets.

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