One Love Is What We Need In Nigeria Now – Cashman


Williams David Onowosafe aka Cashman David is one of the artistes in the 80s that belong to a group known as Pretty Busy Boys, comprising Cashman David, Daddy Showkey, Daddy Fresh and Obanla, who released their first album in 1991 with a popular track “ ‘Biggie  Belle.’ In this exclusive interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, he speaks on his life and the new song he is promoting.

How did it feel working with Daddy Showkey, Daddy Fresh and Obanla?

Working with Daddy Showkey, Fresh, Obanla was a great privilege. Back then we were just like brother who do all things together. We were together and life was very fun. The music was massive and people recognised us wherever we go to. I will say that they were the people that made me better in my career because we supported each other and made headlines together.


What prompted you guys to go your separate ways and how has it been ever since?

Along the line, Fresh decided to go solo along with Showkey, leaving behind Obanla and I. That was how the group broke up with no hurt feelings. But to date, we still live as we were then with one love and happiness we share amongst us.

You are a hiphop artiste, rapper base in Ajegunle…what is your take on the crop of artistes coming out from Ajegunle today? Do you think they are meeting up with other contemporary musicians?

Yes…but the only problem Ajegunle artistes have are lack of support. But we have too many talented artiste in AJ city (Ajegunle) and I was the first hip hop head doing rap then and the first rapper, fussing high life music into rap in the remix of Victor Uwaifo’s  Joromi.

You did a remix of Victor Uwaifo Jolomi”. What motivates the remix and what was the reaction like?

Back in the days, reggae was the only reigning song in vogue. So I went back to my drawing board to think of something different for Nigeria to listen to and that was how I came out with the remix of Joromi. Thank God it was successful and the people showed me lots of love.

Which song are you promoting now and who do you feature in it?

I’m promoting my new single titled “One love” which I feature Daddy Showkey on the remix. I am also going to work with some other couple of artistes on it. When I’m through with artistes who would be involved, it will be known to all. One love is to bring Nigerians together and that is why I had Showkey on the track to give it flesh and spirit. I believe Nigerians would love it especially as the country is in turmoil.

Tell us about Ajegunle and the present music life over there; are the crops of artistes like in your days?

AJ is a city where talented people breakthrough. From footballers like Samson Siasia, Emmanuel Amunike and others to musicians, it is a nice place with good people well talented artistes. Ajegunle nah my home.

You still reside in Ajegunle, and people like Baba Fryo and co are also there if I’m not mistaken. Are you planning on also doing something with him? Also what about the likes of Olamide whose style also depicts Ajegunle?

You can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto away from the man. Though I’m out of the ghetto but its spirit still flows in me. I did a duet with Baba Fryo in Denge Pose remix hip hop version and am still planning on working with him. Olamide is a good artiste, hoping to work with him some day.

Tell us about yourself and how you started off in the music industry?

William David Onowosafe aka Cashman David is from Delta State, Burutu Local Government. I’m Ijaw by tribe. I started music late in the  80s with the group called Pretty Busy Boys comprises of myself Cashman David, Daddy Showkey , Daddy Fresh , Obanla, we came out with our first album 1991 with that popular  track ‘Biggie  Belle.’ I have been there ever since and those who know the Nigerian entertainment industry perfectly know we are the ones who made music what it is today.

How do you balance family life with music?

Thank God I have a family that understands me and my kind of business. So balancing my music with family is what I know is important.

Who are your favourite Nigerian artistes?

Davido and Wizkid.

If you want to do collaboration internationally and locally, who would they be?

Internationally, I think Justice Timberlake then locally, Davido and Olamide because we have many things in common

What do you think could make an artiste great?

I believe when an artiste is focused and does not relent having self-courage. I believe the sky would be the stepping stone. And most importantly put God first in all.

Words to the fans…

Shout to my men… Raymond King, Patrick AB and Oetv . Also to all my fans that have been supporting me from day one, you guys are the best. I want you all to always believe in yourself and trust in God because he’s the giver of success.