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We note your report about Bishop Nick Chamberlain (3 September), and send him our full support and wish him continuing happiness with his partner.
Alan Murray, David Cullingford, Pauline Pearson, Bryan Vernon, Lesley Cave, Frederick Peacock, Roy Large, Graham Rutt, Marion Murray, Barbara Peacock, Jon Davies, Margaret Tait, Sue Vernon, Peter Rodgers, Vera Rodgers, Hazel Jones-Lee, Isabella McDonald-Booth, Sophie Leach, Simon Leach, Joyce Rogers, Maggie Paczek, Helen Young, Lana YJ Liu, Kay Griffiths, Barbara Davidson, Jean Davies, Sue King, Lewis Preston, Christine Rowland, Joan Stokoe, Barbara Johnson, Pat Anderson, Karen Allenby, Hilary Pitkethly, Erica Souter, Alison Mattinson, Christopher Souter, Charles Penn, Lydia Allenby, Elizabeth Rhodes, Oliver Dempsey, Alan Johnson, Roy Sanders, Margaret Vane, Lucy Hatt, Kay Plumley, P Mupaya, Jess Fairs, Doreen Woodhouse, Lucy Norris, Robert Pattinson, Janet Ross, Susan Steadman, Mary White, DA Avery, Eileen Hall, Anne Clinch, B Davie, J Plumley, Peter Fryer, Barbara Gardner, Murray Waldron, Katherine Waldron, David Gregory, Cath White, Eric White, Monica Cheale, Monica Ogden, John Clark, Anne Clark, Lorna Taylor, Mitch Mitchell, Danielle Rea
Members of St Georges Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne where Nick was our vicar until 2015

• Oh what a joy it would be to read that the Church of England was again debating, as it did in 1984, whether the resurrection was “more than a conjuring trick with bones”, as asserted by the then bishop of Durham, the Rt Rev David Jenkins (4 September), instead of the endless and pointless arguments about the sexuality and loves of its clergy.
Richard Stevens

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