Police arrest woman for hiring assassins to kill husband

Policemen attached to the Area J Police command at Ajah Lagos state police command are investigating one Mrs Chika Orji 41 over allegations that she hired assassins to kill her estranged husband identified simply as Mr. Orji. Lagos state commissioner of police Mr. Fatia Owoseni stated that the suspect was arrested following the arrest and confession of one of the men she allegedly hired to kill her husband.

According to the police, Mrs Orji allegedly hired three men said to be assassins to kill her estranged husband in his house at Jakande Estate at Ajah butluck ran out on the gang when one of the assassins identified as Bright Ikechukwu 21 went to rob in a near -by apartment and he was subsequently arrested.

The police said Ikechukwu confessed that he was contacted by one Ekenne a carpenter at the Ajah area of the state to kill Mr. Orji on Mrs Orji’s orders. Ikechukwu stated that he and his gang were promised the sum of N500,000 to kill Mr. Orji but he developed cold feet and went instead to rob in an apartment close to Mr. Orji’s house which led to his arrest.

He said “ I am a plumber. I lived in Ogwushi in Delta State.

A 20 year old man Monday Ugbem is telling policemen attached to the Lagos state police command how he allegedly stole hard currencies from his boss. It was gathered that Ugbem was arrested at the Magodo area of the state after his boss reported to the police that his pounds notes were missing.

Lagos state commissioner of police, Mr. Fatia Owoseni while parading suspects stated that Monday worked as s “houseboy” but he decided to steal cash in pounds from his boss barely six months after he was employed .

It was gathered that the police also arrested Ugbem’s elder brother , Samuel over allegation of conspiracy and theft.

The boss in his statement to the police stated that he noticed that his pound notes
were missing shortly after he returned from a trip abroad.

He stated that he suspected Monday and reported him to the police.

While narrating why he stole the money, Monday said, “We are from a poor home. People laugh at us because we do not have a house in our village in Cross rivers state. My father is irresponsible and he has five wives. He does not take care of us . My elders brothers and sisters are nowhere to be found. I decided to steal the money from my boss after he returned from abroad trip. I went to his room and removed some pounds in fifty notes denomination. I did not count the money I took.I felt my boss will not notice that I stole from him. I wanted to use the money to build a house in my village when we travel home in December for Christmas to cover our shame. I gave the money to my brother Samuel to keep but he changed some pounds and spent the money”

“One of my friends called Ekenne called me on the phone that I should come to Lagos state that he has a job for me. I boarded a bus with my N5000 and I came down to Lagos. I lived with Ekene in a shanty at Ajah . One of Ekenne’s friends called Samuel also lived with us in the room. Ekenne is a carpenter but he is from my village. I asked him what the job was all about and the next day, he took me and Samuel to Madam Chika’s shop . Madam Chika gave us Kola and beer to drink. Samuel took me back home while Ekenne stayed with Madam Chika . When Ekenne came home that night, he told Samuel and I that madam Chika contracted him to kill her husband. He said Madam Chika promised to give us N500,000 if we kill Mr. Orji.

Ekenne told Samuel to take me to know Mr. Orji’s house at Jakande estate. Ekenne is their carpenter so he knows the family very well. Samuel and I went to Mr. Orji’s house and we hid inside a tricycle parked in front of the gate. Ekenne told us that Mr. Orji usually opens the gate for himself but that day we went for the operation, it was his daughter that opened the gate for him. We went back the next day and the daughter opened the gate again.  The third day we went but this time, Mr. Orji opened the gate for himself. Our intention was to walk up to him and stab him with a knife but Samuel that was supposed to kill him left to buy cigarette. When he came back, Mr. Orji had already entered his house and shut the gate. At that point, I became tired of the whole thing . I went back homeand told Ekenne that he should  give me my money to go back to delta State . Ekenne said Madam Chika will give us only if we kill her husband. I decided to go into an apartment to steal so I can raise money to go back to Delta state but a man saw me as I was attempting to break into a house and he raised alarm. Soon I was arrested by the security men in the area. They used barbed wire to tie my two hands together . blood stated gushing out and I was in pain that was when I confessed that I was hired to kill Mr. Orji.

Mrs. Orji denied the allegation. She however stated that she hired Ekenne to beat up her estranged husband as he has caused her pains.

“ I was married to my husband for fourteen years. We have three daughters and a son. My husband suddenly became a wife beater. He will beat me up and all my body will be swollen. My husband threatened to kill me and he chased me out of the house. We have been separated for three years. He took over our child and would not allow me to see them or speak with them. I made several efforts to get my children back and to get him to human rights offices for settlement but he will not attend any.

“My family and his family have made several efforts to settle us but he will not listen. He was served with warrant to appear in court over the issue but he refused to show up. My husband went ahead and sold our house for N85million. I contributed to building that house but he sold it and another property but he did not give me any money from the sales. He also stopped my children from visiting me and any attempt on my part to see my children, he will beat me up. I only told Ekenne to beat him up so as to teach him a lesson. I did not pay him to hire anyone to kill him. I am a frustrated woman and I am sorry for everything . I ask my husband to forgive me.”