Poorest countries hit hardest as world lags behind on global education goals

Unesco report finds only 64 countries met 2015 target on primary education, while 40% will not achieve 2030 goal on secondary education until 2100

The international community has not only failed to meet the education targets set out in the millennium development goals, it is also highly unlikely to meet the 2030 deadline for education laid out in the sustainable development agenda, with the poorest countries the hardest hit, according to the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

Unesco’s global education monitoring report 2016 shows that just 64 countries of the 157 tracked by the report met MDG 2, which called for every child in the world to receive a full course of primary school education by 2015. Not a single low-income country met the target, which was achieved by a number of high-income countries before the MDGs were introduced. Niger, Rwanda and Central African Republic are among 11 countries not expected to achieve universal primary education until 2100.

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