Raid on judges’ homes, CJN saw it coming

Weekend raid of homes of judges across the country has the blessing of the Presidency, Sunday Mirror can report authoritatively.

Investigations by Sunday Mirror revealed that some judges in the Supreme Court were aware of the impending raid of the homes of judges across the country at the weekend.

According to sources in the Supreme Court, the office of the Chief Justice of Nigeria witnessed an unusual number of visitors last Thursday, a situation which forced Justice Mohammed Mahmoud, the CJN to leave the office earlier than usual. He, however, returned to the office around 7:00pm, a source in the Supreme Court informed Sunday Mirror.

Sources close to the Apex Court informed Sunday Mirror that the outgoing CJN has been working late and on Saturdays to clear his tables and address some petitions against some judicial officers.

Justice Mahmoud, it was gathered had at several fora warned judicial officers to be careful in handling cases before them, vowing to flush out corrupt ones among them.