Re: Change In Leadership of Kogi State House of Assembly; As Akwa and other Principal Officers Are On Their Way Out

By Oladele John Nihi 

For months now I’ve read a lot of junks in the name of articles purportedly authored by Usman Okai Austin. Some of these write ups are less than five paragraphs with headings completely different from content in the name of criticising the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello and his New Direction Team.

While I respect the rights of citizens to expression of views, when some of these allegations are completely false and without evidence but just for the purpose of overheating the polity and causing disaffection among citizens, such a person should be checked and put where he rightfully belong.

The latest of these many unsubstantiated allegations by this phony individual that caught my attention and provoked my response is his claim that six (6) lawmakers who recently decamped from People Democratic Party (PDP) to All Progressive Congress (APC) were induced with money to the tune of ten million naira each (10Million).

This is a joke taken too far, and people like me who invested so much into the unity and peace we currently enjoy in the assembly will not fold my hands and watch this go by without rebuffing it and calling it exactly what it is; a lie.

We have been following the activities of this current crop of Assembly members and realized that majority of them have the overall interest of the state at heart, as against the selfish agendas which a microscopic few have. The recent move by the six members from the PDP to APC is a pointer to the fact that they’ve all seen and believe in the developmental agenda of the new direction government, hence the need to join hands with them in the same political party, to avoid being used by an already sinking PDP to cause distraction to the government. Moreover, who wants to remain in a party that spends all her time and resources fighting itself instead of concentrating on being a formidable opposition?

The panic by Okai is actually not a surprise to us. What do you expect from an individual who moves from one party chieftain to another to taut them for money? The exit of this six members may have signaled a bad market for him, that is why he has resulted to crying wolf where there is none.

In playing opposition politics, I expect critics to come up with verifiable facts and not the incessant peddling of falsehood and mendacity  with the intent of causing distractions and misleading the gullible.

Like i said earlier, many of us who have the interest of a united and prosperous Kogi State at heart sacrificed a lot to ensure that the Assembly resolved the misunderstanding within it in the past, therefore, we will not fold our hands and watch some unscrupulous elements who derives pleasure in a rancorous Kogi State by spreading false and unsubstantiated rumors, with the intent of stalling the smooth progress of the State to go unchecked.

I am calling on the six lawmakers and indeed the assembly as a whole to take a decisive action against Mr. Okai which should serve as a deterrent to others who derive pleasure in making allegations they have no single prove of.

The Kogi project is above any individual interest. This is the dawn of a new era, and anyone who tries to take us aback would be exposed and shame.