Robbers attack LASTMA official in Lagos

Suspected armed robbers on Monday attacked a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) official, Taiwo Ogunleye, wounding him on the head.

The two-man robbery gang allegedly waylaid the victim at about 5:45am at Akesan, while he was going to work.

Ogunleye said the robbers pointed a pistol at him and tried to dispossess him of his phones and wallet.

“I was not wearing uniform and I was the only one walking on the road. It was around 5:45am at Joshua Folorunsho bus stop, Akesan. They were two and they just came to me and pointed a pistol at me.

“They used something to hit my head. I don’t know what exactly. But I summoned courage and pushed them away. That was how I fled. My head was paining me but I didn’t know that there was serious injury there.

“When I got to my office at Oshodi, people saw the injury and I was taken to the clinic. Armed robbers are always attacking people in that area. It is very common,” he said.

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