SAN urges NASS to pass NFF bill, end football crisis

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Barr. Abdulhakeem Mustapha, has posited that enactment of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) bill into law is the only antidote to the lingering court cases filed by individuals to control the federation.

Barr. Mustanpha who was a former chairman of the NFF electoral committee that brought the leadership of Alhaji Aminu Maigari into office, further said that if care is not taken court cases will cripple Nigerian football.

He bared his mind yesterday in Abuja at the ceremony where new SANs were inaugurated. According to Mustapha, the solution to Nigerian football crisis is for the National Assembly to pass the  NFF Bill into law, saying until that is done, the house of football will continue to have crisis.

“The moment the legislators pass the bill on Nigeria football, it will solve all the problems. We need to put our house together and give National Assembly the reason to pass the bill.

“The issue of leadership crisis; somebody going to court today another one to court tomorrow, the statutes are very clear about it. Football generally has internal dispute resolution mechanism, and they need to respect that. Football stakeholders need to know that when there is dispute which is inevitable in human endeavour, they should trust internal disputes mechanism of the federation,” the senior lawyer counseled.

Speaking on different court orders and conflicting rulings that have bedevilled the federation, he said court cases may cripple Nigerian football.

“What is constant and sacrosanct is that NFF statute that football stakeholders signed to. “If we are not careful, if we allow regular courts to intervene in Nigeria football it will get to a stage whereby we may be restrained by FIFA not to play World Cup. That is the truth: that is why we need to propagate peace in Nigeria football.”

He then urged all quarrelling football stakeholders to sheath the sword and embrace peace.

“If crisis deny the country qualification, Nigerians will watch it on screens, not only that sponsorship will not come. We need to unite for the progress of football in the country”.