Save Edo State From Crisis, Please!

There is no denying the fact that if not for the postponement of the Edo governorship election that was earlier slated to hold on September 10, 2016, that Edolites and other Nigerians would have by now know who the Governor-elect in Edo state is among the 19 gubernatorial candidates that were registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to contest for the number one position in the state.

It is sad to recall that some unpatriotic and belligerent citizens in the state have compelled the Nigerian Police to issue a security report to INEC that inevitably led to the postponement of the much awaited election to September 28, 2016.

According to an African proverb, “God created every child with the ability to cry but when a spoilt child cries he is bound to forget to stop crying and close his or her mouth.”

The foregoing aphorism, no doubt, holds true in the case of some few mischievous people in Edo state that are wont to conduct themselves in an evil manner that made the postponement of the election inevitable.

It would also be recalled that those fomented trouble in other past elections held in the country at some points resolved to close their mouths when it dawned on them that they were not destined to hold political offices that have direct bearings on the destinies of the people. But like the proverbial spoilt child, those who are facing similar fate in Edo state have refused to stop crying and close their mouths, and as a result have been making attempt to make the conduct of the much expected election in the state unfeasible . Thank God the security men in the state, particularly the police, have gathered enough intelligence on the sinister plan of the trouble makers as the public was reportedly told some few weeks back.

The security feat, no doubt, finds expression in the saying that “The mouse that has only one hole is quickly taken by the hunters.” Proverbially speaking, I am confident that those who are saying that Edolites will not know peace do not have more than a hole of escape when pursued in the course of their escapades.

As Edolites are once again looking forward to the conduct of the rescheduled election, it is expected that the unarguably disgruntled politicians in the state conduct themselves in a pleasant manner before, on and after the election for us to witness a hitch free election that would set developmental ball rolling in the state. At this juncture, it is expedient to quote an African proverb that says, “When the eyes of a weeping child are filled with tears it would be difficult for such child to recognize the gifts that would placate him or her.”

Reasoning from the foregoing proverbial perspective, it is little wonder that those who are seeing politics in Edo state as a do or die affair have failed to recognize the fact that making the state to remain peaceful would go a long way in addressing their collective grouse and enabled an economic environment that would pave the way for them to invest and reap bountifully in return on their investments.

Rather than seizing the opportunities that the state would present to everyone after a successful gubernatorial election, some disgruntled elements who are invariably like the child that could not see clearly as a result of the tears that filled his or her eyes will never see the dividends of democracy which the next developmental dispensation in the state promises.

Recently, it was reported in the media that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state are orchestrating sinister plans that would portray “the All Progressives Party, APC, which abhors opposition views and brand its supporters as violent, thereby causing public disaffection against the party and its candidate.”

In view of the unpatriotic and undeniably irascible threat which their evil plan pose to the rescheduled election , the ignominious politicians can be said to be ignorant of an African proverb that says “The chief’s fist; whether closed or open, the nearest get most.”

To my view those who have turned themselves to security threat in the state ought to realize that they would never achieve anything through violence in the state. To me, in line with the foregoing proverb, they should start pandering to those they perceive as their enemies as violence can never appease any aggrieved person. They should stoop low and swallow their pride. Where apology is needed to build a better relationship in their political career, so to say, they should tender it.

In fact, they should begin to adopt a non-confrontational approach to politics as doing so would address their collective grouse and attain their political ambitions. They should understand that animals are wild in the bush but friendly when they become domestic animals on account of what they stand to gain by remaining tamed. Troublesome politicians in Edo state should for the sake of peace in the state should adopt a peaceful attitude; if not for anything, for the development of Edo state.

Given the unpatriotic and distasteful threat which troublemakers in the state have turned themselves to, it is very obvious that they do not have any scintilla of respect for democracy.

First and foremost, it is anti democratic to be threatening the peace and security of Edolites and other Nigerians in defiance to the fact that everyone has the fundamental human right to peaceful existence.

The most critical fact that can be deduced from this piece is that some stubborn, troublesome and unrepentant politicians in Edo state are unarguably enjoying giving others sleepless nights, and that they are wont to see politics as a do or die affair. There is no denying the fact that this sect of people in Edo state are selfishly and greedily seeing the state as a gold mine that need to be exploited; no matter whose ox is gored.

Given the greedy manner with which these shameless politicians are conducting themselves in the state, it is very obvious that if given the opportunity to occupy Osadebay avenue, they would not waste time in mortgaging it and turning it to a seeming private investment. Most of them do not know that what Edolites are enjoying today as to the developmental strides in the state started from the days when the state was known as Midwestern state and Bendel state. The question is, “If the state was plundered before now would there have been anything left for them to see as loots that they are today fighting tooth and nail to have access to?” The proverb that says “The man that eats and defecates intermittently does not know what it takes to produce a tuber of yam” aptly captures the acquisitive mentalities of the troublesome politicians in Edo state.

In as much as mischievous politicians in the state appear unrelenting in their mischief they should be reminded that Edo state is pluralistic in nature, and that it is not an extension of any clan or family. They should also be reminded of an African proverb that says “A fly that has no one to advice it, follows the corpse into the grave.” Another version of the same proverb says, “A fly that has no one to advice it, always gets drowned in a keg of palm wine.

Finally, trouble makers in the state who are disguising as politicians should understand that the state is the home for every Edolite; whether residing in the state or in diaspora.

Against the foregoing backdrop, it is incumbent upon all citizens of the state to protect it in a collective manner that would be reminiscent of the proverbial tortoise that says that for the fact that it has no other house to live in, it is essential that its shell is protected by carrying it about. In this sense, it is expedient that Edolites learn how to protect Edo state from crisis in any form.

Isaac Asabor, a freelance Journalist, writes from Lagos.