Say More With Your 140: Twitter’s Character Count Changes Live in Sprout

Marketers and publishers know that expressing yourself within a confined word count is challenging. And, as the social communication landscape has evolved, many brands have turned to multimedia content—like GIFs and images—to express emotion, add personality and engage with their audiences. For the past decade, Twitter’s 140 character limit has challenged brands and people to communicate and express themselves in new, creative ways.
Today, Twitter updated its platform to allow users to take advantage of additional characters when engaging with followers and publishing media. We’re thrilled about the changes and we’ve updated the entire Sprout platform so you can take advantage of Twitter’s new character count right away.

Say More With Multimedia
Starting today, when writing a new Tweet from Compose or replying from the Smart Inbox, any attached photos or GIFS no longer count towards Twitter’s character limit. Now you can share great visuals with your Tweets and still use the full 140 characters to add personality and context.
Don’t worry, Sprout’s Compose window and Twitter reply screen still make it super easy to add media. Just simply drag-and-drop images and GIFs into Compose.