Seven innovative social media marketing tools you should be using

Is your social media marketing campaign a little lackluster? Are you getting results, but not nearly to the scale you would prefer?
Many marketers face this problem, especially given the constantly evolving nature of social media.
What makes social platforms so unique is that they are impacted almost entirely not by the features they provide, but how people use them.
Twitter was developed to be a micro blogging platform, but users constantly find ways around the character restriction.
Facebook was meant for only communicating with people the user knows in real life, but the average user now has dozens of people they have never met on their feed.
Since social media is ultimately defined by how it is used at any given moment, it can be hard to customize a marketing campaign to properly meet its complexities. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible; with the right tools, it become infinitely easier to achieve.
Here are seven innovative social media marketing tools that you have to check out.
1. Yotpo Instagram Curation

Yotpo has just launched a cool Instagram tool to play with. I don’t really think