Shorten and Turnbull clash over banks at first question time – politics live

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten cross swords again as Labor’s move to force a banking royal commission fails. Follow all the developments live …

5.59am BST

Dreyfus to Turnbull on 18C: I refer to reports that all but one of the PM’s Senate backbench led by Senator Cory Bernardi are defying the PM by sponsoring a bill which will give licence to hate speech. Is this just another case of what the member for Warringah describes as aGovernment that is in office but not in power?


It is a debate that has been going on for some time a sto whether the boundary on free speech, if you like, is set at the right point? There are distinguished people, learned in the law, some of the member for Isaacs’ colleagues at the Victorian bar, for example, who believe changes should be made and there are others that believe it should stay as it is. As far as the government is concerned, we have no plans to change 18C.

5.56am BST

Just re the black hole in the omnibus bill.

Hello good people of Politics Live. Tracking back just briefly to the question that Chris Bowen asked earlier about whether the government’s costings in their new “omnibus” savings bill were $100m out – if you look at the explanatory memorandum associated with the bill, some of the columns don’t seem to add up. The most notable not adding up example is a costing for student start-up scholarships which appears to be $107.6m out. Perhaps there is a technical explanation for this that would explain the discrepancy. We’ll check it out.

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