#SoundOff: Kemi Adeosun, No, Ma’am, Recession Is Not Just A Number

I think that it is utterly foolish for the minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun, to take to Twitter and tell Nigerians that “recession is just a word”.

The problem with the present administration is that they see governance as a joke.

They see government as a continuation of their election campaign which was ridden with propaganda and lies. And,it is this joke-like approach to governance that has sunk us into this blistering recession.

The truth is that recession is not just a word. It is the cumulation of at least 6-months of negative economic growth which is characterised by a high inflation rate, an alarming unemployment rate, a monumental decline in the value of our currency and an ever shrinking GDP. You can not call this just a word.

Calling such a sad economic situation ‘just a word’ mocks the pains and sufferings of ordinary Nigerians who bear the brunt of the recession. It is lamentable that this mockery is coming from someone appointed to serve the people.

I think that the minister should apologise.

Aniefiok I. Udoabasi is a legal practitioner and Head of Practice at The Brook Chambers. He is a chartered arbitrator and public affairs analyst. Connect with him on Facebook.

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