Starting To Livestream? This Data From Gaming Can Guide Your Strategy

Gaming is almost always ahead of its time in terms of business model and technology relative to the rest of the media industry.  And in the platform-dominated world, the gaming industry could be a very valuable prognosticator for the rest of the industry.  With Facebook, Twitter, and Google expected to pull in 44% of all display advertising revenue in 2016, and media companies fighting the growing consumer boycott of display ads with popups that annoy the audience still loyal to them, the industry is desperate to find revenue models that make sense.  Chris Dixon, a partner at Andreessen Horrowitz, wrote an excellent post a few months ago explaining different lessons media companies can learn from gaming.  Additionally, Frederic Filloux, editor of the Monday Note, added valuable insights into the monetization models of the most popular games.  Reading these and recent news about M&A, media companies can look on with envy as game publishers rake in billions of dollars based on these new revenue models.