Student leaders gather in Makurdi to support #ChangeBeginsWithMe campaign

Students leaders from across various institutions in the country on Monday converged in Makurdi, the Benue State capital to support the
‘Change Begins With Me’ Campaign recently launched by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The workshop being spearheaded by publishers of The Nigerian Online Newspaper called on Nigerians to embrace the positive attitude required to move the nation forward.

In his remarks, Kwuanu Terrence who spoke on behalf of The Nigerian Online Newspaper said Change has started in earnest at the different levels.

The event held at the College of Health Science Auditorium of the Benue State University, Makurdi, Benue State had students from 14 tertiary institutions.

He said, “when Nigerians voted President Muhammadu Buhari on March 28, 2016 they endorsed and set in motion the train of change that will forever alter the future of the country for good. Change has started in earnest at the different levels.
“At the international level a lot has changed. Our dear nation is no longer the pariah that years of unfocused and corrupt leadership had brought. Nation’s of the world are back to seeing Nigeria as a worthy partner in world affairs.
Nationally, the change agenda occupies the central stage.

“Corruption is now stealing and those that engage in it know they have dates to keep with the law. Ethical values are becoming desirable. The integrity being demanded in government circles has triggered private businesses to revisit their corporate governance policies.

“The progress made has to become organic. Much as institutions and systems are programmed to make the change being implemented long lasting, the human component is what can make it permanent. This explains the significance of the “Change Begins With Me” campaign that President Muhammadu Buhari recently launched.”

He said The Nigerian newspaper fits into this concept of change beginning with each an every one of us as patriotic citizens.

He explained that The Nigerian is an online newspaper that began publication in August 2016.

He said, “Our vision is that we will be the voice in the industry to change the way Nigeria and Nigerians are reported. There is the sad reality that in spite of the great things our citizens and country are capable of it is mostly the negative that get reported about us, even by our own media.

“Nigerians are therefore wrongly perceived worldwide as being dubious and criminal minded people living in a country where nothing works.
“This is however not the truth as Nigerians that have exceled as shining examples abound worldwide while there are many instances where the country is blazing the trail for others to follow. These are the positive stories that The Nigerian tells about us as part of its contribution to the change agenda. This is not the same as shying away from reporting or talking about the negative or scandalous stories. We do not shy away from them. We only do our bit to report them in ways that underscore the need for change.”