Don't Call it Networking: The Secret to Making Real Connections

Shelley Zalis, FounderThe Girls Lounge By Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens Shelley Zalis can?t stand the term ?networking.? For the Los Angeles-based CEO, the word conjures up an image of a bland name-tag along with the transactional, often inauthentic manner many of us were groomed to make professional contacts. But Zalis, the

Lessons From ‘Jet Stream Crossing The Equator’ Mania

By now you probably heard about claims that the jet stream crossing the equator was unprecedented. Scientists pushed back on this being a dire red flag in a Washington Post Capital Weather Gang article and elsewhere. Colorado State University tropical meteorologist Dr. Phil Klotzbach even shared a peer review paper from 1985 discussing cross equatorial flow. My…

The CMO Is Dead, Long Live The CMO

Yes, marketing departments have become more diverse since the Mad Men days of the ?60s and ?70s (although not by much). If we extrapolate the findings in the diversity reports coming out of Silicon Valley, we can assume that marketing departments maintain roughly the same ratios. Meaning, they are still mostly male and white.

More Than 11,000 Bots Are Now On Facebook Messenger

Companies and developers have shown a surge of interest in bot technology and their potential to change the way people talk to businesses, receive customer service, complete transactions or consume entertainment.