Stranded writer scared to return to West Bank as his novel is banned

29-year-old author Abbad Yahya has revealed that he cannot return to his West Bank home after his controversial novel was banned and an arrest warrant issued against him by Palestinian authorities. The writer who is currently on a visit to Qatar, said that he got wind of his arrest warrant and the banning of his…

Poland Crowns Our Lord Jesus Christ As King Of The Country (PHOTOS)

After a vote in the Polish parliament in April, Our Lord Jesus Christ was officially crowned the king of Poland in the weekend of November 19, 2016. You might think you’ve accidentally landed on a fake news site, but you didn’t. It’s true, Jesus really does rule Poland now. The idea originally came from a young nurse, who in the early 1900s had a vision that foresaw Poland’s imminent demise if Jesus Christ would not be crowned its king. The idea was initially dismissed by the clergy, but after more than a century of uncertainty it finally happened this week. The coronation, which took place on November 19th in Kraków, attracted thousands of believers – including President Andrzej Duda and several MPs. Having Jesus on Poland’s throne doesn’t change anything legally, but it’s another step the conservative government has taken towards forcing outdated morals on the Polish people. Below are some photos from the crowning ceremony. This article originally appeared on VICE Poland

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Facebook bans accounts of Palestinian journalists over incitements

Social media giants Facebook has teamed up with the government of Israel to ban the accounts of Palestinian journalists in a move which is coming on the heels of an agreement over incitement. Those affected are two editors from two Palestinian news publications based in the occupied West Bank whose Facebook accounts were suspended after…