The free tool most email marketers don’t know about

There is an email capability that is extremely useful to professional email marketers but which goes largely unrecognized and unused. It’s called tagged addressing and you should be using it.
As email marketers we’re intensely interested in what different brands are doing with email. Style, frequency, content, layout, personalization, the variations are endless.
Knowing what others are doing is hugely valuable. It can trigger great ideas as well as offer cautionary tales of what not to do. Most email marketers therefore end up subscribed to hundreds, even thousands, of different mailing lists and brands.
Receiving so much email presents challenges but also some very good opportunities. One of the biggest challenges is an overloaded inbox.

Most marketers solve this by signing up for a separate account to receive marketing email. This type of separation is useful but it can be taken significantly further for better results.
When you’re subscribed to thousands of mailing lists it can sometimes be hard to figure out why you’re receiving a particular message.
The From address and subject may not clearly identify the sending brand; a message with a third-party offer