The future of digital video: short, branded content on social platforms

Digital video distribution keeps evolving and marketers predict an increase of budget for video advertising. What else should we expect?
Trusted Media Brands  asked 300 media executives where they’d use their digital video advertising budget next year, in an attempt to shape the future video trends that we should consider.
The results were quite interesting.
Video budgets on the rise
Both agencies and marketers see that video budget is going to increase during the next year, with agencies being way more interested in it.
65% of agencies are planning to increase their budget for digital video, while 34% are going to maintain the existing level of spending.
42% of marketers are planning to increase their digital video budget, but 58% of them are going to maintain it, which may also mean that they are already allocating the right budget towards video content.

YouTube rivals Facebook as the most important platform
Not everyone agreed when asked to pick the preferred platform for digital video distribution, as agencies and marketers pick a different platform, a battle which could be simplified as Youtube VS Facebook.
62% of agencies picked video platforms (YouTube, Vevo, etc) as their favourite method distribution,