Twitter testing Periscope feature that pulls video from external sources


Twitter is testing a feature in Periscope that lets a limited number of broadcasters incorporate video from external sources, meaning that you soon may no longer be restricted to livestreaming video solely from your mobile device, GoPro camera, or drones. Should this experiment work out well, creators could be empowered to spruce up their broadcasts to take it up a notch, something that likely appeals to influencers and takes a page out of YouTube’s playbook.

“We’re always testing new functionality that gives our broadcasters the ability to create great content,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement to VentureBeat.

Matt Navarra tweet Periscope

Some users may notice on Periscope a label for certain broadcasts that reads “Beta test of new broadcast feature incorporating external video in Periscope.” This feature could be considered another attempt by Twitter to further its outreach to influencers, something that chief executive Jack Dorsey has outlined as a focal point for 2016.

When enabled, content creators are able to kick their broadcasts up a notch especially as they talk about live events. In fact, one of most recent demonstrations of this offering is with broadcaster Alex Pettitt on Thursday when addressing the day’s technology news, especially highlighting SpaceX’s rocket explosion. Normally, people would simply have low-quality videos produced from their phone and should they want such quality production, they’d have to pre-record their video and then edit it in post-production. However, now Periscope has made it a bit more streamlined — for a few creators, at least.

Incorporating video from external sources follows recent changes Twitter has made, including helping creators monetize their work through its Amplify Publisher program, enabling them to add pre-roll ads to their videos. Additionally, just today, the company included Periscope in that same initiative meaning that ads are coming to the livestreaming app for select broadcasters.

In the battle of live video, Twitter is going full steam at capturing the attention and appeal of creators, a group that remains very much in demand. YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter all want their content and audience because that leads to not only more advertising impressions, but also users and activity across their properties.

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