Update: Two confirmed dead in Abuja Building Collapse

Two people have been confirmed dead after a four-storey building collapsed in Abuja, trapping at least eight people on Monday.

Rescue workers on Tuesday recovered two bodies from the debris of the structure at Gwarinpa, Abuja. Six people had earlier been rescued.

The first body was lifted from under the rubble at about past 2PM, while the second was removed at 6:15PM.

The first victim was identified as Sadiq, and the second, Joseph.

The rescue and recovery were carried out by a joint team of officials from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Abuja Development Control, Federal Fire Service, and Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps ( NSCDC).

A NEMA official, Abbas Idris, confirmed that six persons were rescued.

“We are able to rescue six persons from the building alive. Their condition was not so bad. Some of them were here with us before we took them to hospital,” he said.

A survivor, Timothy Ortega, told journalists how he survived the collapse of the four-storey building.

“I was sleeping in the second floor of the building when I heard the sound not too long before I went to bed at about 11-11:30 pm on Sunday.

“At first I thought it was a bomb before I could realize anything I heard crack sound again and the entire building went down with the whole eight of us sleeping in different rooms.

“Sleeping next to me was my cousin Joseph; we were both displaced when the building collapsed,” Mr. Timothy said. “God saved him from the tragedy. He was sheltered by two beams that created a relief over-lay that prevented the concrete from crushing him to death.

“Everything went black when the building collapsed and I could not move. The only thing I did was digging the sand with my two hands looking for a way out but all effort could not direct me to any exit point.

“I was in between the building for 14 hours until the rescue team found me at about 3 pm Monday afternoon,” Mr. Timothy said.