Victims of Agatu masacre still in terrible conditions, cleric calls for urgent assistance

President and founder of the faith-based Non-Governmental
Organisation, NGO, Women Missionaries to African Nations, a.k.a. Woman Africa has called on government at all levels as well as well-meaning
Nigerians not to abandon the victims of the infamous Agatu Massacre.
She insisted that the victims are still living in terrible conditions and
need help fast.

The reverend who visited the community recently to sympathise with the
victims, and to give them hope, not just by donating relief materials, but also by preaching to them and reassuring them of the greater hope they have in Christ. She said it was painful to see that over four months after the most recent attack by suspected herdsmen, the
affected communities are far from being rebuilt and still devastated.

She therefore called on the government at all levels, and Nigerians in
general to come to the aid of these persons who have not only lost
families, but also their homes and farmlands which happen to be their
sole means of livelihood.

“I want to call on Nigerians in general to shelve religious and ethnic differences and come to the aid of these people. When a man is
homeless, when a man has nowhere to lay his head at the end of the
day’s hustling, then that man has nothing at all. But with shelter, every other thing- food, clothing, good health- will all fall in place. These communities need to be rebuilt. The women and children need roofs over their heads.

“Foodstuff alone is not enough because when a man is settled, then he
can fend for himself. If you are not settled then you are a wanderer,
and I see that the people are still wandering. When there is no shelter, then the women and children will not be happy; when a man is not happy, when a man is stressed, the woman suffers it because every frustration.

“Right now they are not settled and when a man is not settled he
cannot achieve anything, afterall most of the thinking is done at
night, so when they do not have a place to lay their heads, how do
they move forward?

“We need to help rebuild their communities and make them stand again.
The people have been fending for themselves all these years. They are
strong and hardworking. Let us help give them back their lives. So we
are calling on the whole world, our governments, women and people of
goodwill to please come out and give these people back their lives,
because as far as I am concerned, right now they do not have a life.
So let us do something solid for them, something that can stand,” she

Speaking about her NGO, Woman Africa, she said they were not only
committed to helping the needy especially women and children, but that
they ensure that whatever donations they make get to the grassroots and to those particularly affected.
“When we give out anything, we ensure that it gets to those who really
need it… We go to the grassroots to see that whatever we put on
ground, grows to become what we intend,” she noted, adding: “I don’t
believe in scratching a problem, I believe in solving it.
Obviously touched by the harsh realities on ground, Rev. Emeribe
however warned kind hearted Nigerians who give out relief materials to
ensure it gets to those affected as she realized that most of the
relief materials that have been donated end up in the wrong hands-
persons who were never affected, but who pose as such to cart away
such materials.
Although the Chief of Agatu, Ochadoji Ocheche James Edoh was not on
ground to receive the reverend and members of Woman Africa, but his
wife received the guests, thanking them for their goodwill and praying
that the Almighty blesses their kind hearts.
Also on ground to receive the group along with the chief’s wife were:
Hon Thomas Ajekonye, the immediate past deputy chairman of Agatu Local
Government; Rev. (Mrs.) Elaigwu Winifred; Comrade Ibrahim John, Youth
President of Agaji Agatu; Comrade Mamuda Sani, immediate past Youth
President of Agaji Agatu, amongst others.
Woman Africa then moved from the Chief’s palace to the Central Primary
School, Obagaji-Agatu, where the victims of the attack convened awaiting the group.