Visme and Venngage: We Evaluate 2 Top Image Creation Tools

Image is everything. It’s a fact that’s never been more obvious than now, as any Joe can compete for your blog’s eyeballs with a 10-minute Squarespace template. With the stratospheric rise in fresh content comes the inherent necessity for standout images to accompany it.  Stellar copy will never be read without a pretty picture to lure them in. And unless you’re holding a BA in graphic design and a pricey license for Photoshop you probably found yourself at a loss. But it’s 2016, and now anyone (yes, even you) can be a designer with these two stupidly simple image creation tools.

Visme vs. Venngage
Although there are a number of tools that can help visualize data via digital presentations, infographics and banner ads, not all tools are created equal. Some programs are beautiful looking but are over- simplistic. Others can present all the information a viewer could ever want, but it’s presented in a messy and unorganized fashion.
So we went ahead and tested a couple of big names in image creation tools, Visme and Venngage — either of which would be a great