‘War Against Crime: ‘RSG On Course’

The Rivers State Deputy Governor, Dr Ipalibo Harry Banigo, has said that the recent onslaught by security agencies against the notorious robbery and kidnapping gang which has been terrorising the Orashi region was an indication that the state government is gradually winning the war against crime and criminality in the state.
In a statement, Bangio said the crackdown on the criminal elements would not only return peace to the region, but would also serve as deterrent to other criminal elements operating in the area.
The deputy governor noted that the present administration’s support for security operatives through the provision of vehicles and security gadgets was beginning to yield positive result as it has enabled them to carry-out the duty of policing the state effectively.
She stressed the need for stakeholders and community leaders to support government efforts in ridding the state of criminal elements to ensure that the state was completely safe for the people and investors.
Banigo commended the bravery of the Security Operatives for confronting the robbers and kidnappers and called on the people of the State to continue to co-operate with law enforcement agencies by volunteering useful information on the hideout of criminals to ensure that they are rooted out.